Sales of Nissan LEAF Heating Up in Australia


Nissan LEAF Sales Are Starting to Pick Up Steam in Australia

Nissan LEAF Sales Are Starting to Pick Up Steam in Australia

Through the first 11 months of 2012, Nissan LEAF sales in Australia checked in at only 68 units.

LEAF Sales Jump or Hop Upwards in Australia

LEAF Sales Jump or Hop Upwards in Australia

The YTD total for 2013 now stands at 161 units.

Yes, 161 units is a small figure, but don’t you see the growth trend?

Sales way more than doubled this year, which is a promising sign for the Nissan LEAF in Australia.

Most of the increase in sales is likely due to Nissan reducing the LEAF’s Australian base price substantially.

When the LEAF first launched in Australia, it was priced at $51,500 AUD ($53,100 US), but in December of 2012, Nissan cut the price down to a more reasonable $46,990 AUD ($48,465 US).  Then, in mid-2013, Nissan cut the price even more.  The LEAF is now available for a “drive away” price of $39,990 AUD ($41,200 US).

The LEAF faces slim competition in Australia, with only the $48,800 AUD ($50,332 US) Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the $59,990 AUD ($61,874 US) Holden Volt considered actual rivals there.  Both are substantially more expensive than the LEAF though, so there’s really no competition.

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Strange that the Leaf is cheaper than the iMiev. I can’t imagine that car selling well with those figures going on.

I wonder what will be the Model S selling price in Australia? Because Tesla does not sell through dealership, there is no need put “Australian surplus” into Model S prices, but Tesla can sell Model S with modest $75k price.

Tesla claims they price their vehicle the same out the door of the factory no matter where it goes. In other words, they put their set margin on it, then add on the extra delivery and import costs. I have no idea what the import costs are for AU, but I would guess a few thousand extra delivery charge on top of the US prices.

couldnt ever spend money on an ugly car

Obviously never bought a Mercedes then…

Neither could I. Which is why I would never buy a Mercedes 🙂

I’d love to have a volt but for $60,000, screw you.

Get your facts straight or use the internet:

Nissan Leaf Drive Away: starting at AUD 40,000|%28SiloType%3d[Brand+new+cars+in+stock]%29%29%29%26%28Make{%3d}[Nissan]{%26}Model{%3d}[LEAF]%29%29%26Service%3d[Carsales]%29&vertical=car&sortby=TopDeal

Mitsubishi iMIEV Drive Away: starting at AUD 27,000|%28SiloType%3d[Brand+new+cars+in+stock]%29%29%29%26%28Make{%3d}[Mitsubishi]{%26}Model{%3d}[i-MiEV]%29%29%26Service%3d[Carsales]%29&vertical=car&sortby=TopDeal