Sales of Electric Vehicles on the Rise Even in Juneau, Alaska


Even in Juneau, Alaska, plug-in vehicles are gaining in popularity.

2014 Chevy Volt Available in Alaska

2014 Chevy Volt Available in Alaska

Spurred along by various incentives, more and more Juneauites are purchasing plug-in vehicles.

Now, the city of Juneau is responding to the growing number of plug-in vehicles owners by installing 6 charging staitons.

The chargers are paid for by a grant received by the city and will go a long way towards promoting the purchase of plug-ins.

Most electric vehicles owners there charge solely at home, but soon public charging will become a viable option, at least for the small subset of plug-in vehicle owners.

Though we don’t expect Juneau to become a hotbed for electrics, the fact that the city realizes support is needed to further promote the use of plug-ins show that, even in Juneau, the future is bound to be more electrifying.

Source: Juneau Empire

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Seems like there would be a lot of places for L1 charging, with engine block heater outlets.

So sloooooow though.

Well, if you are at work for 8hrs, it works pretty good. That’s where charging should happen anyway; where cars are parked for hours. I charge my Volt w/120V at home. No problem for me, overnight is plenty of time. HS DC charging is what you need for longer trips. L2 charging works well for places where you are only parked 1 or 2 hours.

True…though the issue would be whether or not those block heater hookups could handle the power draw. The typical engine heater draws 5-8 amps.

If all of those hookups were used by plug-ins drawing 8 to 12 amps then the circuit could easily become overloaded.

Um, better count your space heaters or 12a upscale coffee makers- lol

OMG!!! Sarah Palin need to go to pray the communist are coming…….

Note- All MY2013/14 Chevy Volt EREV’s default L1 is 8a or less. Can be stepped up to 12a by 3 taps of the soft keys on the Center Stack after each shift into “D”. An opt in, as we call it!

All My2011/12 the default Amp is 12a. Can be stepped down to 8a by pushing the hard orange button located on the gen 1.1 and gen 1.2 EVSE cord box.


I’m on the ferry bringing my Leaf home to Juneau right now, so I should, once again, clear up some confusion about our climate: We are a slightly cooler and wetter Seattle, NOT the frozen wasteland people think of when they hear ‘Alaska’. Most people in Juneau don’t even HAVE engine block heaters, and there are essentially no public outlets to use them.

What we do have is a very small road system, temperatures that are actually close to perfect for lithium-ion battery life and a very good gas price/electricity price ratio. We have very few mountainous roads (though our roads do get icy, and my first order of business is snow tires when I get home) so the 4wd that everyone always touts as an Alaskan necessity is a bit overblown. Almost everything is paved so it’s not like you’ll be four-wheeling through the back woods much.

Juneau is probably the most obvious place on Earth to own an EV, and for the life of me I don’t understand why it isn’t promoted more. Heck, the only one we can even buy in town is a Volt, those of us with Nissans all bought them in Washington.

Well, you live in Juneau. Might be a bit different in say Anchorage. Or especially Fairbanks,

Do you know of anyone who has purchased and EV in Juneau (or plans to), that doesn’t live there? Or has traveled to Northern Alaska in their EV? There’s some fun videos of Tesla driving in the Norway snow. Would be interesting to hear about Northern Alaska EV experiences.

And you also have limited space so smaller cars absolutely make sense. (Saw a bit of Juneau on a vacation this year).

PS It’s warmer there in winter than where I live in Central Maine. But I don’t envy you all the ice+hills.

Alaska is beautiful I’ve been in Juneau several times, unfortunately Alaska’s face is Sarah Palin, the Tea Party queen anti technology girl, anti EVs and LED lights.