Sales Of Electrified Cars Up 46% In Ireland


Ireland's Charge Point Network

Ireland’s Charge Point Network

We don’t have figures for just plug-in vehicles, but we do have access to sales numbers in Ireland for electrified vehicles and the results are promising.

According to Irish Examiner:

It looks set to be a record year for the sale of electricity-powered vehicles with 1,756 new models registered in the first 11 months of 2014.

It represents a 46% increase on the total sales figure last year for all such vehicles which include electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids and plug-in hybrid electric types.

Hybrids remain the most popular type of model, accounting for more than 80% of all electricity-powered vehicles sold in the Republic so far this year.

Irish Examiner claims that most motorists in Ireland prefer having a backup engine “amid concerns about the limited daily range of pure EVs without recharging,” but as the map on the right show, access to charging in Ireland should not be a concern.

Some additional regional/local details on electrified car sales in Ireland via Irish Examiner:

The latest figures show sales of electricity-powered vehicles have increased in every county with the exception of Tipperary where sales have remained static.

More than 55% of all new electricity-powered cars are registered in Dublin where 965 have been sold so far this year, followed by Cork which accounts for almost 8% of the total (136). However, sales in Cork this year are still below 2010 levels (167).

Right now, electric cars accounts for approximately 0.5% of all new car sales in Ireland, but the government expects that figure to increase to 15% by 2002.

Source: Irish Examiner

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There are a lot of chargers ,for sure they wont let down when batery down.

Tiny numbers in comparison to Norway.

We’re a small, stupid conservative market. We are catching up though. In the last month, I met a few people who had a go in a LEAF, so the word is spreading. This year was really just a recovery from the massive slip last year where 46 EVs I think were sold.

Yeah, they didn’t bother to separate plugins and hybrids. I do have the figures though and 256 were sold this year, excluding December. 221 are EVs and 35 are plugin hybrids.

January would hopefully see 100 units. Half of this year’s sales or double of what was made last January. The share of plugin hybrids should be bigger too as the Outlander PHEV, i3 Rex and A3 e-tron will sell in the best month.

Well 2002 woul’d be a very aggressive marketing:-)