Saleen Tuned Tesla Model S To Be Sold In China Too


Saleen Tesla Model S

Saleen Tesla Model S

WM GreenTech Automotive (WMGTA)—the US-based firm with strong Chinese influences who recently merged with Bob Lutz’s VL Automotive—now apparently will represent Saleen Automotive in selling tuned Tesla Model S sedan in China.

Honestly, we’ve been cautious of GreenTech’s ability to sell cars in volume, so it was surprising to see this latest GreenTech related development, but WMGTA claims to have a “strategic partnership” with Saleen, which makes WMGTA the sole distributor of Saleen vehicles in China.

This, according to WMGTA, means that the upcoming Saleen Tesla Model S will be available in China exclusively through WMGTA.

WGMTA says that it’s currently building out a sales and service network for Saleen offerings in the Chinese cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu.

If true, then aside form being available in the US, the Saleen Tesla Model S will be sold in China, too.

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Its missing its face

How is it “tuned” with no change in drivechain?

Elon’s admission that the Model S seats (and other interior miscues) would beg for an aftermarket upgrade – whhops, just re-wrap whta’s there.
This is as Saleen as plastering the badge onto a stripped mustang, LOL.