Saleen to Reveal Electric Supercar in 2014


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Saleen S7

I’m already clearing out space in my garage in anticipation of a carbon fiber Saleen electric S7. Not that us mere mortals will be able to afford one. But just in case, I’m ready!

Who wouldn’t want to own an American made masterpiece, that’s an all electric, race-ready supercar! Please note that the regular S7 weighs in at about 2,700 lbs.800px-S7_Twin_Turbo

This car might prove to be more popular than you think. Ferarri, Porcshe, McLaren and others are working on a hybrid drive train, while Saleen is going straight to electric. It might end up in a segment all by itself.

Here’s what we know of the electric Saleen technically speaking: It should weigh 3,100 lbs.  Aside from that, we know next to nothing.

What we do know is that Steve Saleen (founder of Saleen) believes in electric cars, confidently stating that “We recognize that electric cars are a trend, not a fad, and expect this vehicle category to continue to increase as an automotive option for consumers.”

The company goes on (sounding a bit like Elon Musk, we might add):

Throw out your pre-conceived notions and expectations. This vehicle will be revolutionary in its aesthetics and mechanics”. 

That leads me to believe they are shooting for the moon! 800px-Balfe_Saleen It’s also reassuring to see Saleen validate our belief in electric mobility, and electric race cars:

“We intend to enter this market with an offering that is truly innovative and offers the styling and craftsmanship associated with the Saleen Automotive brand. The rapid pace of advancements in electric vehicle technology makes our entry into this market sector timely and should expedite completion of this project.”

If Saleen accomplishes nothing else than a few sales and big publicity, I think it’s still a win. Steve Saleen is a well respected car builder, and when he marries electric technology with his appetite for monstrous, mind-blowing beasts, it’s got to be good.

We are truly excited. Too bad we have to wait til next year to find out more.

Source: Autocar UK

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5 Comments on "Saleen to Reveal Electric Supercar in 2014"

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Yawn… one more (possibly vaporware) electric exotic car. Move along folks. Nothing to see here.

Sorry but I think there is very much something to see here. How fast, expensive and ultimately successful this thing will be are different questions altogether, but from the pictures here… yup, the look is something Saleen nailed already.

Obviously, even when they really get produced, exotics like this one will only find a limited number of buyers, but their mere existence nonetheless helps with the public perception of EVs: aesthetics and performance need not be compromised.

I hope it makes it further along than the Shelby Supercars Ultimate Aero EV that went nowhere.

Yeah it wont be super. It will be a vulgar crude overpriced poser. Judging from their existing products. They will use some off the shelf overpriced not that great drivetrain like Rinehart, throw in a couple of those in a needlessly wide kit car with poor aerodynamics and not light at all and get maybe 3.5 second acceleration. They will kid themselves that this deserves a 250k$ price tag. It seems to be a classic pattern of companies from old racing migrating into electric. Drayson did much the same.
When someone like John Wayland makes a Datsun with forklift motors accelerate twice as fast as your ‘super cars’ then you are doing it wrong.

Poorly done and priced to irrelevance. They could consult me of course but they don’t even know who I am because they haven’t followed anything at all..

Maybe we’ll see the Saleen EV staged up next to the White Zombie in a year or two 🙂