Saleen Tesla Model S – More Images and Details


Yesterday, we broke news of Saleen releasing the first Saleen Tesla Model S rendering.

Saleen Tesla Model S via Molly Saleen

Saleen Tesla Model S via Molly Saleen

Today, there are more images available of this tuned Tesla Model S.

While we still don’t know if Saleen intends to tweak the Model S powertrain, we do get a hint that Saleen’s vision of the Tesla Model S include performance upgrades such as carbon ceramic brakes, aerodynamic improvements and even a fully reworked interior.

This tells us that Saleen’s approach isn’t limited to purely aesthetic appearance items.

As Steve Saleen, CEO of Saleen Automotive states:

“The Company previously announced its intention to produce a Saleen Tesla Model S electric vehicle and now with initial Research and Design progressed to a level that allows for the release of a rendering, the Company is prepared to show its vision for a Saleen version of the acclaimed Tesla.”

“I fully intend to produce one of the most compelling Tesla’s to ever hit the roadway.”

Saleen Automotive adds:

“Expanding on a 4-Door Supercar concept. The Saleen Tesla Model shows aggressive race inspired aerodynamics that lend to efficiency’s in performance and design. The Saleen Tesla Model interior provides an elevated cabin environment consistent with current Saleen production models.”

Saleen Tesla Model S

Saleen Tesla Model S

Saleen Tesla Model S

Saleen Tesla Model S

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No mention of battery, motor, or inverter upgrades? This is little more than a body kit.

Carbon Ceramic brakes are pretty pointless on a car with regen.

One of the biggest reasons the AMG crowd at the drag strip use ceramic brakes is for the acceleration improvement. The less rotational weight the better for acceleration.

Ah, you’re right! Unsprung rotational weight can make a huge difference. Very expensive mod though.

If that was a legit objective, they wouldn’t be using 21″ rims. The mass addition there is all far from the central axis, meaning a huge increase in moment of inertia.

Wheel inertia is going to be quite insignificant for a 4500lb car anyway.

The rim speed is the same for any rim size. It is equal to the speed of the car. Larger the rims and tyres, slower the rotational speed (revolutions per min).

It doesn’t look like there’s a removable front grille. It’s going to be hard to jump off the 12v battery if it ever goes dead.

Speaking of the grille, I think this rendering justifies Tesla’s black nosecone. We’re so used to the big grille on ICE powered cars to feed air to the radiator that it looks a bit alien without one. The EV1 was similar.

In fact, all the big luxury sedans are making their grille *bigger*, probably because it alludes to a powerful engine under the hood, and adds presence.

Still, Saleen did a decent job. I’m sure some people will prefer this to the original.

I actually prefer the lack of grille. Over time, this is the part of the Model S design that I see more and more as detracting from the design.

I don’t think you need a grille to connote power. The Corvette doesn’t really have one, unless you count the air intake below the bumper line. But it certainly does not have one of those awful gigantic Audi grilles, or even a small Jaguar type deal.

Likewise mid engine cars like Ferraris. Barely any grille (think 308 for example), air intakes on the sides. Did anybody ever think those are slow cars?

What made the EV1 look alien was the weird lights and the strange rear end with partly concealed rear wheels.

The rest of the Saleen kit has a couple of good ideas but seems mostly overdone. Then again, I’m not the kind of guy who likes “tuned” cars.

But I’d be happy to see the nosecone gone from the Model S refresh Elon aluded to when the car hits middle age. He expects the Model S to be good for six years, with a refresh in the middle. Good time to get rid of the nose cone, IMHO of course.

Seems like Tesla does not even need to do its own model refreshes…

Nosecone gone… mission accomplished.

Totally agree. I understand why Tesla did it originally. They wanted the car to have some conventional design cues. It was the right call at the time.

But I think now they can, gradually, move on.


The orange one looks like a late model GTO. The red one looks like a Pontiac Grand Prix.

It was one thing for Saleen to hop up Mustangs. A bit of a low point to try and “Saleen” all types of vehicles. Ford Explorer’s; Escorts, Rangers, etc.

I wonder how much market research they did or if he’s just coasting on his reputation? This situation would be totally different if this was a performance upgrade and not a body kit and embroidered interior.