Saleen Tesla Model S Gets Super Glossy Paint Treatment – Video


Saleen Tesla Model S

Saleen Tesla Model S

They do exist…

Despite Saleen’s financial struggles, it turns out that at least a few Saleen-modded Tesla Model S electric cars have found their way into the hands of buyers.

The Saleen-modded Model S starts at $152,000 and shoots up to $245,000 with all available options selected.

Video description:

Saleen Model S

Ride & Shine Detailing

One of the most luxurious Detailing ateliers of the Netherlands

Master Detailing services and specialist in paint corrections and Modesta paint protections

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The lack of nosecone looks good here, I just hate huge brake intakes.

What did they do on the back part of the chrome around the back windows, they lock curved outwards and out of shape, not at all in line with the rest of the chrome borders…

It definitely looks like the chrome is not flush anymore. If that were something I’d paid for, I’d bring it back to have that re-fitted, especially at those prices.

Good spotting. Passenger side rear it flares out.

The front part looks better than regular S and much better than X. I almost never like tuned cars, not the case with this one.

I personally love the look of the Model S, nosecone and all. But I’ll admit the Saleen conversion does not uglify the car, as most of the aftermarket conversions seen on InsideEVs do.

And Tesla really should have let Saleen take a stab at designing the nose of the Model X. It looks unfinished. Saleen figured out how to get rid of the nosecone in an elegant way. Tesla didn’t.

When I read ‘tuning’ I expect more than body shop work

Pimp my Tesla

Soooooooooo, how much does it cost to do that to a car?

Saleen vehicle cost will vary between $152K to $245K to depending on selected options. If you already own a Model S checkout website and give Saleen a call for the options you want. That Lipstick Red paint alone will cost $25K. Saleen makes the Model S better in all areas.