Saleen Tesla Model S Gets Revealed


Saleen Tesla Model S via Molly Saleen

Saleen Tesla Model S via Molly Saleen

The first rendering of the Saleen Tesla Model S was revealed via Molly Saleen’s Facebook page at around 12:00 AM, April 13th, 2014.

Saleen Logo

Saleen Logo

Already, in a short amount of time, there was lots of positive feedback.

UPDATE:  Full company promo shots and specs are now online, and can be found here.

Saleen is an American company that specializes in high performance vehicles such as the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger, & now the Tesla Model S.

Saleen adds its own unique style and performance to vehicles that is unlike any other.

“The Company previously announced its intention to produce a Saleen Tesla Model S electric vehicle and now with initial Research and Design progressed to a level that allows for the release of a rendering, the Company is prepared to show its vision for a Saleen version of the acclaimed Tesla.”

No specs or pricing is available yet for the Saleen Tesla Model S.  The first Saleen Tesla Model S is expected to be complete in early summer of 2014.  For now, all that’s available is this lone rendering.

Steve Saleen, CEO of Saleen Automotive, stated:

“Saleen Automotive is intent on continually expanding its presence in the automotive market.  We have already announced or produced incredible vehicles including Camaros, Challengers, and of course Mustangs, adding style and performance to each of those legendary lines. Now, we turn our attention to the vehicle that has defined the sports car in the rapidly growing electric car sector.”

“Tesla’s values are not a departure from our core values of elite power, style, and performance. I have admired their craftsmanship.  And now with our upcoming entry into the electric car market with a revolutionary design all our own, we share a desire to also produce vehicles that are not dependent on fossil fuels and which accomplish this fuel independence with a tremendous assemblage of grace and technology.”

“I fully intend to produce one of the most compelling Tesla’s to ever hit the roadway.”

Saleen Display. 2014 Chicago Auto Show

Saleen’s display showcases its unique upgrades to vehicles.
Image From the 2014 Chicago Auto Show.

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I wonder how SALEEN would be able to improve the performance of the Model S. It would be nice if Tesla pitched in and customised the drivetrain or gave SALEEN more advanced motors and inverters. It would be nice of them.

Perhaps, the long awaited 4WD may be seen for this.

Lol what the heck is that? just a random customization?

Rofl, that is dumb, something a 12 year old would design in forza

Add a rear spoiler, add some ground effects, completely eliminate any space between the bodywork and the tires, and call it a day. Lame, Saleen, lame.

Any data yet on how much these mods decrease performance through increased drag?

I doubt these guys hired engineers qualified to hack the Tesla firmware to actually increase power, nor would they have made any modifications to increase cell performance.

Pumping more torque out of an electric motor is easy, however. Upgrading gearboxes, half shafts, u-joints, etc, not as cheap.

Nor is the huge amount of money required to increase the amps run through the controller.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Presumably Tesla have either been conservative with their cooling engineering, or Saleen can improve it to the point where they can overvolt the system safely (even if only for a brief time, with perhaps a KITT-style ‘turbo boost’ button with a ‘cooldown’ time).

“Michael, I predict only a 92.4% chance that we can jump that bridge”.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Wake me when there’s a drivetrain tweak. These body/interior kits are boring, with wheel/tire/suspensions slightly less so.

How long has Bryan Cranston worked for Saleen?


What’s the guy from the Actor’s Studio doing there?

Aftermarket interest is a good thing, but this stuff does stray from Franz’s intent.

It’s Kyle Gass from Tenacious D, photo bombing.