Saleen Teams With GreenTech Automotive – Sporty Plug-In Hybrid For Asia?


We’re not sure what’s crawled up Saleen Automotive’s sleeve lately, but regardless we’re thrilled to see one of the world’s most well-respected tuners get involved with EVs.


GreenTech Seems to Now Be Abandoning Its US Plans in Favor of Moving Into the Asian Market

First for Saleen was the announcement of an upcoming Saleen Tesla Model S.

Now, Saleen has turned to Mississippi-based GreenTech Automotive (GTA) to “provide efficient sport cars for the Asian market.”

This has to imply plug-in vehicles, as that’s what GTA does.  Charles Wang, chairman and CEO of GTA, stated:

“GreenTech Automotive is committed to delivering affordable, quality, energy-efficient vehicles.  Saleen is the icon of American sports cars and it has demonstrated that high efficiency can be achieved even in the most powerful muscle cars. We are thrilled to be partnering with a leader like Saleen Automotive to create highly efficient sports cars.”

Steve Saleen, CEO of Saleen Automotive, remarked:

“GTA is a leader in engineering and design of highly efficient vehicles.  They are the gold standard in the market, and we are proud to partner with them to produce a top-of-the-line, high-efficiency sports vehicle for the Asian market.”

We suspect the finish vehicle will be some sort of plug-in hybrid, though there are no details on the vehicle’s specifications at this time.

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