Saleen FourSixteen Tesla Model S In Detail – Video




XCARFilms relaesed a video presenting the Saleen FourSixteen Tesla Model S, which debuted recently at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

The first fully tuned Tesla Model S makes Saleen very proud.

Thanks to a new higher gear ratio, Model S not only will accelerate a little quicker, but as you’ll hear in the video, it ceases to be mute. The drivetrain whine is now clearly audible, so every potential customer with at last $152,000 to spare must decide if he/she likes it.

XCARFilms review discusses other changes like aerodynamics, design, suspension, brakes or interior.

“Saleen have made a name for themselves as modifiers of american muscle. What can they do when they turn their hand to the Tesla Model S? We visited Saleen in Southern California to find out.”

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They went to a higher numerical gear ratio and with that change ended up with a little more noise from the gear box….and the noise is an improvement. Plus a differential change. and lowered the rotational weight of the brake rotor by going w/ carbon.

Actually, it’s a lower gear ratio. A higher gear ratio would reduce torque to the wheels and accerlate slower.

You are confusing numerical with tall or short.
A higher numerical gear ratio gets you off the line faster, but lowers your top speed for the same rpm motor limit.

It’s the same as switching to a 4.11 rear end on your car.

It’s not the ratio of the gears that makes more noise it’s the cut of the gear. Straight cut gears are louder than helical etc. That’s why race. Cars have more drive train noise, their gears are built for strength not noise suppression.

Do you have a link on the gear style changes?
I’m interested. I’ve been looking for the gearbox drawings.
So you think they switched from helical to straight cut?

Sorry no I’m just saying what it could be. I’m not sure if that’s what Saleen did.

Sounds a lot like the Formula E cars