Saleen FourSixteen Tesla Model S Breaks Sound Barrier, Lays Rubber – Video


“Originally debuted on 8/17/14, the FOURSIXTEEN is a new breed of electric car.”

For those who did not know, This is the interior of the Saleen FOURSIXTEEN

For those who did not know, This is the interior of the Saleen FOURSIXTEEN

States the video description.

As you likely already know, the Tesla Model S is able to spin the rear wheels without a problem.

The tuned Model S, the Saleen FOURSIXTEEN, further backs that up, as well as adding a unique sound due to its upgraded gearing with straight cut gears.

In the video above, you get to hear that unique noise as well as see a quick and small burnout (traction control likely turned off).

We’ve heard a wide variety of different opinions on the FOURSIXTEEN’s noise, so we’d like to personally ask what’s your opinion on the Jetsons-like noise the FOURSIXTEEN makes?



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Mach 1?

It sounds sad to me. Gear whine is annoying.

I cannot imagine how irritating that will be, thousands of miles later, when the novelty has worn off and the whine is still there, and the owner realizes he could have paid less to have it without the whine.

I think people are starting to realize, one by one, that silence is the true sound of a premium vehicle.

I do love the redesigned nose, though.

Like I’ve always said… this Saleen thingy is a bunch of garbage mods for people with more money than sense.

Simple fact: It is hard to improve on the Model S.

Why would Saleen put air vents on top of the hood? Force of habit?

Actually, improved cooling is the one area where I think Saleen could make improvements to the Model S. Getting in there and “tuning” an electric motor and controller to put out more power would be an intense job and would really require Tesla support. But Tesla’s that are pushed hard on a track for a few minutes typically end up ramping down power output as thermal limits are approached. Popping in a beefier radiator and functional vents is one way that Saleen could actually improve real world performance, even if the improvement won’t show up in a 12 second-long acceleration run.

All that said – the gear noise is pretty silly! I would definitely get tired of that…

Honestly, it sounds like a cheap RC Kit Car to me. I agree with Michael, that silence is the true sound of a premium vehicle.

RC car sound was the first thing that came to mind. Not cool at all.

As a “car guy” I though “this could be cool”…turns out I was wrong. Saleen has produced some awesome cars over the years, but this is actually a bit embarrassing. I actually cringed a bit (for them).

would not buy.

Sounds more like the horrible gear noise is accidental and they are trying to sell it as a “feature”
Why on earth would they deliberately design a gearbox to make that noise – I don’t buy that its intentional at all.

The appeal to me is the quiet of the Model S–

But I’m also sure many will like your car—

Don’t like it and consider it a big step backwards. Comment I get most often from passengers is about how quite my MS is. No one has ever said “why isn’t there more gear noise so it would sound like a RC model car?”

Reminds me of a guy I used to work with who felt that if something is possible then we should do it, whether it was necessary or not; whether it made good sense or not. That gear ‘noise’ is an example of, ‘we can do it, so lets’.

Don’t care for the sound at all.