Saleen Delivers First Tesla FourSixteen – Announces Upcoming Dual Motor Offerings


Saleen FourSixteen

Saleen FourSixteen

Saleen FourSixteen Interior

Saleen FourSixteen Interior

Though it theoretically costs only $152,000 to order a Saleen FourSixteen (aka Saleen Tesla Model S), if you tick all the boxes, then the price skyrockets to over $245,000.

We’re not sure how much coin the first Saleen FourSixteen buyers parted with, but some of those buyers have now taken delivery of the Saleen Tesla.

First fully revealed 3 months ago (with deliveries then promised in 6 to 8 weeks), Saleen’s dream of selling a modded electric has finally been realized.

Saleen Energizes the Electric Vehicle Market

Saleen Delivers the 1st Saleen Tesla Model, and Provides Additional Drivetrain Options

CORONA, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 21, 2014) – Saleen Automotive Inc. (OTCBB: SLNN) (OTCQB: SLNN) — Saleen Automotive has begun deliveries of the Model S based Saleen FOURSIXTEEN, which comes only a short time after the successful new product launch in Pebble Beach, CA. The recent release places Saleen Automotive Inc. in an advantageous position in the rapidly growing electric performance car segment as the Saleen Tesla (ST) hits the streets.

“Keeping with our core competencies, we’ve accomplished concept-to-production in a short time,” noted Steve Saleen, CEO of Saleen Automotive. “Moving quickly in the automotive industry is paramount to maintaining (and gaining) marketshare, especially in such an advanced segment as the electric car market.”

In 2013, the BMW Group sold more vehicles than ever before in the company’s history with an increase of 6.4% from the previous record year. Mercedez Benz also had a record breaking 2013 with 1.4 million in luxury sales, recently outselling Audi to become the world’s 2nd largest luxury car brand of the year according to

The trend for luxury cars continues to climb as the demand for luxurious eco-friendly options becomes a growing necessity in the automotive industry. Telsa is at the forefront of this demand and forecasts are trending to be 20% above target with over 21,500 cars sold in 2014. Pairing Telsa’s conscious, luxurious design with Saleen’s prestige performance has proven to be a masterpiece.

Saleen Tesla Model S

Saleen Tesla Model S

As for those “additional drivetrain options” mentioned by Saleen in the header of the press release, the tuner states:

2015 ST Models on the Horizon

In addition to production on the current 2014 P85+ based sedan, Saleen is also taking orders on the 2015 model lineup. The updated 2015 drivetrain will present an additional opportunity for Saleen to increase cooling performance, aerodynamics and acceleration on the base 60 and 85, and P85D Model S chassis.

With a starting MSRP of $124,500 after federal tax credits, the newly updated vehicle and configurations on the 2015 all-electric Saleen model will receive updated performance numbers as well: A single motor 380HP motor configuration and a dual motor 691HP motor configuration that is expected to accelerate at a seat planting 0-60MPH in under 3 seconds.

Under 3 seconds!!!  That would represent a slight improvement over Tesla’s official time of 0 to 60 MPH in 3.2 seconds for the most powerful dual-motor variant: Model S P85D.

Interested in a non dual-motor Saleen Tesla?  Here’s the ordering sheet:

Saleen Tesla Ordering Sheet

Saleen Tesla Ordering Sheet

And a link to the PDF form you need to fill out to place your order.

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4 Comments on "Saleen Delivers First Tesla FourSixteen – Announces Upcoming Dual Motor Offerings"

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I can’t imagine anyone bothering to order one of these unless they truly love the new nose and tail treatment, or they’re already a Saleen enthusiast.

The difference in what’s offered is so microscopic that I don’t see the point of bothering.

I do, however, love the thought of someone spending nearly $15,000 to order carbon ceramic brakes on a car designed to get most of its stopping ability from motor regeneration, especially when the dual motor design hits the streets. (The front motor should regenerate better than the rear due to weight transfer during braking.)

Unless Saleen does something to make the Model S capable of running at full power while doing laps at the track, the only benefit of carbon ceramic rotors I see is being able to say you have them in the bar at the country club. 😉

The major point of the carbon ceramic brakes are weight savings and lowering unsprung weight in particular.

They have swapped out coolers to make it track capable and prevent limp 50% power mode. How well it works remains to be seen.

Improved aerodynamics are also supposed to extend range.

Just a minor detail: According to Japopnik, as of the most recent 10Q, Saleen has less than $10,000 left in cash and will not survive into 2015 unless there is a major turnaround by year-end.

Anyone who ordered a FourSixteen has to be kicking themselves in the head after the P85D announcement.