SAIETTA Announces NGS Electric Motorcycle

JAN 16 2016 BY MARK KANE 8

Agility Saietta R

old Agility Saietta R

Saietta, who several years ago – then as Agility Global – introduced the extraordinarily sweet looking Saietta R electric motorcycles, merged with Agni Motors and has now announced a new project.

The NGS stands for Next Generation Saietta – an all new electric motorcycle, scheduled for 2017.

The concept this time looks gorgeous and futuristic and we would love to see something like this on the roads.

“Take everything you know about electric motorcycles – then forget it. Saietta defies convention, delivering superlative performance, daring presence and unrivalled options for personalisation in a range of zero emissions motorbikes that are light years ahead.”

With a £50,000 ($74,000) price tag in the UK, this is one expensive bike. Hopefully, prices will drop after the first 100-unit run.


NGS (Next Generation Saietta) is a new breed of motorbike spearheading a new electric era for bikers, delivering superbike performance, a highly distinctive iconic design and unmatched personalisation.

NGS boasts a number of technology firsts including a revolutionary new electric motor, an innovative lightweight, immensely strong structural monocoque, industry-leading battery capacity and range, 3D printing of the body and even a new, highly distinctive roar!

NGS will undergo rigorous engineering testing throughout 2016 including taking part in an extensive race programme. First customer bikes will be delivered before the end of 2017 as part of a limited edition of up to 100 bikes priced around £50,000 (excluding local taxes).

The essence of biking is all about leadership, standing out from the crowd and taking your own path … that’s precisely what NGS delivers.”

We don’t know much about the specs, but as much as 250 kW of peak power could be on the table. There is also a CHAdeMO inlet present in the back of the NGS.

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So the first generation Saietta R was “extraordinarily sweet looking”???

What was the author smoking? It is still one of the ugliest and most misshapen and deformed looking motorcycle-like contraptions it has ever been my misfortune to lay my eyes on.

I’d like to see far better aero on performance bikes, especially EV ones, as wasting 50-75% of your power, energy, fighting air drag does not help performance.

$75K? Unlikely to sell. 250kW (333 HP) peak power? Unlikely to be made; thats even more power than Chevy Bolt, though wish Bolt has such power.

However, I’m curious if Bimota is still in business. They used to make kick-butt chassis and mate it to kick-butt engine from Yamaha. It seems they could be in good position for e-motorcycle business.

ROFL at the “next generation” moniker when there was never a production first generation… Any reason to think this won’t also be vaporware?

There’s absolutely zero info on the bike their website except, that it’ll cost GBP50K, and be made using 3d-printing methods (which is nothing to brag about… It’s SOP for very low volume plastics).

I urge InsideEVs to change editorial policy, and stop reporting content-free press releases and announcements…

I disagree. I enjoy these stories. Sometimes they don’t get produced, but at least it shows that somebody is thinking. Not everything that gets created gets produced. Things will definitely not get produced if no one heard about it to even give feedback. I have liked their designs, but I think the price is out of my reach. It would be nice to hear some specs to see if it is any where near worth that price besides being eye candy.

Just possibly you should have a look at one or two of the other YT video offerings before making such harsh comments. It *very obviously* isn’t vapour-ware and probably has a very interesting – if not stella – future. Heck, it’s even got a CHAdeMO port! MW

… ” and be made using 3d-printing methods (which is nothing to brag about… It’s SOP for very low volume plastics). ”

Actually you can print a lot using 3d-printing, even printed metal is possible today. Printed material has a cost advantage if you stay below 1000 pieces compared to metal stamping, so it is cost wise too.

Looks like a B2 battledroid. (Super Battle Droid)