Saab Lives – New EV Coming In 2014 As NEVS Starts Looking For Assembly Line Workers

JUN 26 2013 BY JAY COLE 9

2014 Saab 9-3 ePower

2014 Saab 9-3 ePower

NEVs has put out the call for 27 assembly line workers for their Trollhattan plant in Sweden.

A Small Test Fleet Of Saab ePowers Has Already Been Manufactured

A Small Test Fleet Of Saab ePowers Has Already Been Manufactured

Why do we care?

Because NEVs, or National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, bought out Saab Automobile’s bankruptcy estate last September with the hopes of restarting the failed Swedish company’s 9-3 production in Sweden, then (as the company’s new name implies) they would begin building an all-electric sedan shortly thereafter.

Given Saab’s somewhat checkered past (think GM’s original sale of the brand to Spyker back in 2010), we are pleasantly surprised to see actual momentum returning to the Swedish brand.

“The first number is 27 – we are recruiting now,” a NEVS spokesman told just-auto.  “Hopefully we are going into production later this year for the conventional 9-3 model that will be the first car.”

That’s the first step, but step two is what interests us most:

“It will be the same personnel producing and assembling the internal combustion engine and electric vehicles. The first electric vehicle we will launch next year will be built on the 9-3 model with some exterior and interior facelifts.”

Looking For A 120 Mile EV?  How About A Swedish Made Saab?

Looking For A 120 Mile EV? How About A Swedish Made Saab?

The Saab ePower, based on the 9-3 ePower was first debuted at the 2010 Paris Auto Show.  The EV is based on the 9-3 SportCombi wagon, and has a top speed of about 90 mph, and thanks to a 35.5 kWh lithium battery pack, has an all-electric range of about 120 miles.

These new additional 27 workers is not anything like the 3,000+ the company had on staff a decade ago, but it shows that NEVs is more than just talk, and that the 68 year-old Saab brand will live on for at least a little while longer.

So, if you are Swedish and want a job perhaps making that country’s first electric vehicle, check out the new job offers at the NEVs/Saab site here.


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Sweden has 300% tax of gas. Where will it gat that money from if EVs are sold in Sweden? The Swedish women has NO Right for her husbands pension if he dies. The state has no money to pay any pension and thus they are thinking of moving the age to 75! They import people to pay for the pension. Sweden is more scared than TX or NC from EV’s If you think that these boys of Ericsson ABB SAAB VOLVO etc are not clever enough to make an electric car you are mistaken. Not only that Sweden has 10 yes 10 reactors and more than 51% of the electricty comes from reactors, thus they have enough electricty. Not only that but nearly every parking spot has an electric outlet to heat the water chamber around the pistons in an ICE. They can over night chage the wiring for all of Sweden to handle the high current of any type of charging. The changed the system in Sweden back in 1967 from Left hand Drive to Right hand. They did that in 1 day. They are clever; so why is it that they did not make an electric car? Why… Read more »

Did you forget to take your meds again?

Ahaha, you made my day!
ps: was able to read only first paragraph of this bs, man is seriously injured!

What a strange mix of random facts and hate.. The tax on gas is not higher than in other parts ofta Europe. The electrical infra structure is extremely good thanks to the need for engine heating in the winter and the extensive use of electricity for domestic heating. Unfortunately the political will to subsidize electric cars have been absent but may reappear if a Swedish electric car goes into production.

Sweden has a small population, the majority of their production will be for export anyways. Local politics are the least reason not to make electric cars, politics will more be the reason not to produce any cars at all.

All of the above may be true, however if
Saab wants to build nice electrics I think they should be allowed to continue to do so.

Thank you and I agree they should not be stoped!

Another western hater probably living in western soil… and then it is us who are said to be “intolerant”. What a joke Mr. “Alaa Sadek”… W H A T A J O K E!

Patiently waiting for the 9-3 ePower SportCombi (pictured) to come to Canada