Saab Is Officially Dead As NEVS Decides Against Using Swedish Brand Name


SAAB Is No More

SAAB Is No More

Nevs Factory China, Source: InAutoNews

Nevs Factory China, Source: InAutoNews

Saab is officially no more.

NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) has decided against using the Saab name for its future electric cars, meaning that the famous Swedish car brand will now die out forever.

As Autocar reports:

“The Saab name will not be used on electric cars made by brand owner NEVS, meaning Saab cars’ last bastion of survival has been extinguished.”

“This final confirmation follows years of uncertainty over Saab’s future. NEVS’s agreement not to use the Saab name on any new cars comes after Saab AB, which now focuses primarily on the aerospace industry, revoked the brand name from NEVS.”

NEVS says that it choose to not go with the Saab name so that it can form its own brand and brand recognition. NEVS doesn’t want to have any association with SAAB AB, a company focused on the aerospace industry.

Autocar adds:

“NEVS had previously produced a small number of cars under the Saab name: most notably the 9-3 of 2014. NEVS had ownership of Saab Automobile since August 2012…”

“NEVS is currently controlled by Sino-Swedish majority shareholder Kai Johan Jiang…”

NEVS intends to focus primarily on the Chinese market. Its first electric car is scheduled to launch at some point in time. However, the launch date seems to be constantly on the move.

Source: Autocar

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How saab. :'(

Sob for Saab.

Same old SAAB story…

It’s time for you to stop all of your Saabing.

I like this one, which some may recognize as Rush Limbaugh’s show intro, until he got a cease and desist order to stop stealing their music.
Hey Ho, way to go…

Saab story no more!

When will we see after 5 years finally a real driving car of NEVS?

Well, at least they are going to launch a car at “some point in time”

read more about the new photos from the production ready EVs at:

Nice I want one

Perhaps with Phoenix 2.0 platform.

Brand-name recycling is simply fraudulent, no matter who does it and in what product segment.
There hasn’t been a Saab automotive company for many years.

Let NEVS’ products stand on they own merits.

They sold out their 9~3 petrol version in 2015 and the majoity of the employees are from saab automobile. And they also use the same factory.

NEVS has been banned by the real SAAB company from using their name and after that NEVS “decided” to not use the name they were not allowed to use anymore. 😛

Finally the SAAB brand can stop being tarnished…

Chinese marketing? =)


Owned two. One was a ’70, the last year of free-wheeling in the U.S. The other was a ’75, both really good cars, though prone to be demanding in taking care of them. You needed to be a half decent mechanic to own one. Like a poor man’s Volvo.

This brand is associated with the cars, buses & trucks using combustion engine.

Better to come up with a new brand name. It can be a name of some scientist or fruit/flower.