The SPA Bicicletto: Elegant Italian eBike Design


There are times when we see a design and we’re simply speechless. This is one of those times.

Through a tip from one of our readers, and a lengthy and wonderfully detailed story from our friends at, we found the story of the company SPA, (or Nuova Societá Piemontese Automobili,) and this absolute gem of an electric bicycle.  They’re continuing their history of innovation and focusing on producing this, among other things. From the SPA site:

Nuova Societá Piemontese Automobili aims to retrace the steps taken by the manpower of the early ‘900 which with a pioneering spirit and desire for innovation made vibrant the birth of the first vehicles.

Today, the new production processes together with the innovative technologies and materials applied to the propulsion of the vehicle, allow to pursue more competitive and attentive to the future goals. It has been chosen to focus both on the realization of unique vehicles, as pieces of absolute prestige and value, and on experimental projects, as laboratories of innovation and design.

These values can be transmitted crosswise to projects by spreading our high quality expertise. A hybrid family will be also developed by carrying out an innovative product design process.

Luxury and innovation will be able to coexist in the same vibrant environment: the “Nuova Societá Piemontese Automobili”.

Here’s the drawing of the bike, along with specs:


The SPA Bicicletto specs and overview

They’ve done a simply wonderful job talking about the history of the company, including chapters including Fiat and other big names, on the site, as well as a complete collection of photos.  Don’t miss it: S.P.A. Bicicletto, a Stylish Italian E-bike

In the meantime, we’re going to stop talking now, and sit back and soak up this simply beautiful machine.  In the words of legendary conductor, Pablo Casals: “…very clean.  Very, very clean.”

The SPA Bicicletto team

The SPA Bicicletto team

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8 Comments on "The SPA Bicicletto: Elegant Italian eBike Design"

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BEV purist will cry foul again.

This is a “hybrid” bike, NOT an electric bike..

Do you ever grow tired of calling out where a purist would complain? I get tired of reading it…

Very nice indeed
How much Cost the íbike?

Let’s see. Sleek Italian design? Check. Full Carbon frame? Check. 900Wh battery? Check.

You might be better off buying a Zero motorcycle by the time you see the bottom line.

A full carbon frame on an electric bike is really asking for trouble. I hope they have at least some steel axle points on the back of the frame. If they don’t that bike is prone to crumble from the torque of the motor.

I agree that the price of this model is a bit out of bounds for people, but I am so proud to see that there is finally a decent e-bike based on true cafe racer motorcycle styling.

Also, the record needs to detail if the auto
has been used as a taxi or rental vehicle any time in the previous.