Russia to Give Imported EVs a 2-Year Tax Exemption


Russia's First EV

Russia’s First EV Dates Back to 1899

Information on this topic is sparse, but here’s what we know: Russia decided to give imported electric vehicles a two-year tax break on levying duties.

So Festive Looking

So Festive Looking

This applies to Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Passenger EVs, as well as commercial and industrial EVs are eligible for the tax break.

This action will no doubt makes EVs more cost-attractive and hopefully will drive up sales in Russia, which today remains one of the few nations in the world with only a few EVs on the roads.

In addition to the tax break, the Voice of Russia reports that Russia “approved a programme to develop a network to recharge and service electrically-powered vehicles.”

Russia is way behind the times when it comes to EVs, so let’s hope these two actions help the nation to catch up.

Source: Voice of Russia

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What a great photo! I love antique electrics.

94% of Russians have income of 10 000$ or less per year. So don’t count them.

The Russian car market is almost the size of Germany at nearly 3 million cars sold a year, and Russians who can afford cars can often afford more expensive ones, with about 10% of cars selling for over $50,000:

That’s among all cars – focus on imports and that number would likely climb. Perhaps the most important thing is that the Russian market is growing while Europe’s car market’s in the doldrums.

While the average Russian might not be buying an EV, this incentive is good news for a company like Tesla.

They are going to have to deal with the issue of cold winters. Norway’s model of installing gas heaters in EV’s, if followed, could make a big difference toward adoption of EV’s in cold climates.