Video Of Tesla Technician Removing Kitten From Tesla Model S




Let’s start off this morning on a good note, by watching a Tesla technician remove a kitten from the underside of a Tesla Model S.

The kitten was “stuck” right where the drive unit is in the rear of the EV.

The EV’s lack of moving parts might have saved the life of this kitten.  That, and the underbody aero components that kept the kitten safe until it was rescued!

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18 responses to "Video Of Tesla Technician Removing Kitten From Tesla Model S"
  1. Driverguy01 says:

    I hope they name it Tesla!lol

    1. Steven says:

      Or “Tessy”.

  2. Cavaron says:

    Are you sure this is not the new 2000$ kitten-package for extra Tesla-cuteness?

    1. Steven says:


  3. Hastings says:

    And they say EVs have few moving parts.

    1. ffbj says:

      A few mewing parts?

      1. Steven says:

        Thankfully, only one mewing part.

        1. Aaron says:

          This same thing happened to me in my LEAF. My cat decided the front of my LEAF was a good place for a nap. We drove off and started hearing meowing. I stopped, about 1/2 mile away from the house and opened the hood. Sure enough, my cat was still there, safe but scared. If this was an ICE vehicle, I’m afraid this trip would have ended differently — probably at the powerwash. 🙁

  4. Nelson says:

    How did that cat get in there? Does that area fill with water when the car is driven through a deep puddle?

    NPNS! SBF!

  5. Mister G says:

    Tesla saves kitten.

  6. Clark says:

    Was the kitten part of an over-the-air update? The new “mew” feature?

  7. Lensman says:

    Obviously the kitten was brainwashed and programmed to crawl in there as part of a fiendish scheme to promote Tesla as being kitten-friendly.

    …oh, sorry, just channeling a Tesla basher there for a minute. 😉

  8. kdawg says:

    He could honestly say his Tesla purrs like a kitten.

    1. Martin T says:

      well said !

    2. Steven says:


  9. Nix says:

    Can Haz Supercharger?

    1. Steven says:


  10. Anon says:

    “Bramp!” Is a good name for a kitty…