Tesla Model 3 Delivery Event Invites To Be Sent Out This Week

Tesla Model 3


First Production Tesla Model 3

Tesla is now informing some individuals that an email is coming later this week with details on attending the July 28 Model 3 delivery event.

The first production Tesla Model 3 rolled off the line and out the factory doors over the weekend without much fanfare (aside from a couple Elon Musk Tweets), but later this month there will be a more dramatic delivery event for the Model 3 in which we expect the handing over of 30 examples of the world’s most anticipated electric car of all time. Per Musk:

“handover party for (the) first 30 customer Model 3’s on the 28th.”

With that in mind, we knew it would only be a matter of time before Tesla started sending out invites to the event. Now, thanks to Teslarati and Ben Sullins of YouTube channel Teslanomics, we catch our first look at how Tesla is handling some of the invites. As Teslarati explains:

“Tesla has begun sending emails to Referral Program winners that referred 7 or more qualifying Model S/X sales, notifying them that a personal invitation to attend the Model 3 delivery event will be coming as early as this week.”

The actual notification from Tesla reads:

“For reaching 7 referrals, you qualify to receive an invitation for yourself and a guest to attend our Model 3 delivery event. An email containing more information will arrive in the coming week.” 

These notifications reportedly went out on Friday July 7. Here’s a look at the one received by Sullins:

Via Ben Sullins – Teslanomics

We’re certainly looking forward to the end-of-the-month Tesla Model 3 handover event. We expect it to be a late-night affair running on Tesla time, so plan on staying up ’til the wee hours of the morning for our real-time coverage of the event.

Source: Teslarati

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That delivery event of those 30 Tesla Model 3 will mark a moment that will be among the top most significant automotive inflection points perhaps 2nd only to Ford’s start of delivery of Model T.




Mongo like cheese.


Agreed… specifically U.S. Grade AA Cheddar


Is it sharp white cheddar? I do love a nice extra sharp white cheddar and a glass of wine!



Sure hope the Model 3 lives up to the hype. I can’t believe they haven’t revealed the production car before deliveries begin.

La frennia di Mamata

YEP , If you live on Jupiter you’ll have “No Idea” what this Car looks Like..


If you know the specs feel free to post them.


We all know what the outside looks like, but that’s about it. Tesla is either going to drop a bomb or a load.

La frennia di Mamata

Patience is a virtue or so they say, we can’t really buy the car rite now anyway. We’ll get them soon enough..It’s aprox. 80% + the size of a model S .,Perfect! That’s close enough for me for now . when we’re ready to talk turkey and the car is available for purchase., You Bet that I will want all the facts…


Only people who concern themselves with details can get to Jupiter. Others just sit and watch other do it through the TV.

La frennia di Mamata

TV may be sufficient for most for now……..lol…….(That blew right over)….But we are not going Jupiter yet , We’re Going to Mars first! l m a o….So Be Patient..


I’m confused – getting to Jupiter is easy! Leave PBI heading north on I-95 to exit 87. Go east to Jupiter and there you are.


And if that weren’t enough – and by golly don’t you think it ought to be – Jupiter even has a KFC Buffet!


I could get on 95 South and do the same thing. It would just take a lot longer.

jim stack

Right,I live on Jupiter Place and I agree I know what the model 3 looks like and have 2 on order. I don’t need more details but it will be nice to find out the actual range and battery size of our basic 2 option car. The 2nd one will be later when the options are available and my wife gets to choose them. Large battery, Vegan interior.


After that last visit where Sullins et al didn’t really get to see a damned thing, Tesla should pay for their trip as well.

La frennia di Mamata

Go online There’s a Zillion Photos of the M3 to look at..Or maybe Musk should drive one to you so that You may Inspect it ..


That’s great news.

I presume it’s at the factory?


Most likely will be at SpaceX headquarter in Hawthorne, Southern California.


Will there be an event where they flip the switch to make the configurator go live?


If past history is any indication we’re a long way from that. They’ll give private URLs to people who are ready to place orders but not open the configurator to everyone for quite some time.


The latest news we have is that the initial configurator (is that a real word?) will be just what color of paint for the exterior, and which wheel size you prefer.

It might also be that they will just pre-build a whole bunch of different colors with different wheel choices, and then you pick the one you prefer.

Customer configurations may be a while later. Although hopefully Tesla will provide prices so that people can make and educated decision on whether to wait for options such as AWD to become available later.


Looking forward to it with excitement!

But.. I do wonder what happened to the final reveal. It strikes me as odd that Tesla describes the event simply as a handover party. Doesn’t this suggest that we will NOT get all the details about the car, options & pricing that we are all waiting for..?

It doesn’t make a huge difference to me as I anyway must wait at least another year to know what’s applicable to Norway, but I do find it a little suspect if Tesla hasn’t worked out what it’s going to offer yet. I mean, how detailed can the ramp up plans be, or how much confidence can Tesla have in them, if they haven’t decided yet?