Nissan LEAF Acenta+ Launches In UK, Upcoming Longer Range Confirmations

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Nissan LEAF Acenta+

Nissan LEAF Acenta+

Nissan expanded its lineup of LEAF trims in th eUK to four with new Acenta+, landing between Acenta and Tekna.

Similar moves were taken  in other countries in Europe and according to Autocar, Nissan is preparing longer-range LEAFs – as we broke word of a new 30 kWh LEAF offering here about a month ago.

“EV director for Nissan Europe Jean Pierre Diernaz told Autocar that the new grade will give some momentum to the Leaf, before a next-generation model is released in the “mid-term”.

“We are working on the succession plan, of course, on various aspects,” he said. “One is the car, another one is the battery technology and range.

“A bigger battery and bigger range will come,” he added. “We are working very actively on this.”

But let’s get back to the Acenta+, which for now is just an ordinary Acenta with more standard equipment (but still below Tekna trim). There are three differences:

  • Extensive specification includes 6.6kW charger
  • both the Mode 3 Type 2 (7 pin) and the EVSE (3 pin) cable as standard
  • 17-inch Autech alloy wheels with unique blue accents

In the UK, price of Acenta+ stands at £24,740 (with Govt Plug-in Grant) – £1,150 more than the Acenta.

“Nissan is celebrating the continued success of its 100% electric LEAF model with the introduction of a value-packed Acenta+ grade. Available from 1st July, the new Acenta+ model adds new features that make the British-built Nissan LEAF an even more complete package.

The new Acenta+ sits between the Acenta and range-topping Tekna model and enjoys a significant specification boost over the standard model. On sale from July 1st, the Acenta+ is equipped with a 6.6kW on-board charger as standard, along with a Mode-3 32amp (EVSE) cable. Previously available only as an option, the 6.6kW charger allows owners to perform a 0-100% charge in just four hours.

Once charged, owners can enjoy the LEAF’s impressive 124 miles (NEDC) range and incredibly low running costs from just 2p per mile.

Acenta+ models also look the part thanks to the addition of striking new 17-inch Autech wheels. Finished with distinctive blue accents on the offset spokes, they give the newest member of the LEAF family an even bolder appearance. Despite the Acenta+’s additional equipment count, buyers can snap one up for just £29,740- just £1,150 more than the standard Acenta. With the Government’s Plug-in Car Grant applied, the price falls to just £24,740.”

James Wright, Managing Director, Nissan Motor GB said:

“We’re delighted to add a new member to the LEAF family in the UK. More than 9,500 LEAFs have already been sold here and Nissan is the undisputed leader in the EV market. This new model delivers exceptional value and showcases the LEAF’s incredible technology and engineering.”

Visia models – standard equipment:


  • Audio centre with 1CD, Bluetooth, iPod, USB
  • 4 speakers
  • Steering wheel mounted controls


  • Start / stop power button
  • Remote charging port opener
  • Electric mirror adjustment
  • Charging port illumination
  • Rear wiper
  • Front & rear power windows
  • Eco drive mode
  • Hill start assist
  • Auto air conditioning (dial type)
  • EVSE cable – 3 Pin, 10 Amp


  • Intelligent key
  • Halogen headlamps
  • Fog lamps
  • Thatcham alarm
  • Rapid Charge Port (allowing 50kW DC charging)


  • ABS & EBD
  • 6 airbags: front, side & curtain
  • Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) and Traction Control System (TCS)
  • 2 front 3 point seat belts with height adjusted, double pretensioner*, load limiter and reminder
  • 3 rear 3 point seat belts
  • Immobiliser
  • EVSE charging cable locking
  • Instant Mobility System (IMS)
  • Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians (VSP)
  • Daytime running lights
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • Safety Kit (Warning Triangle, First Aid Kit and 2 High Visibility Jackets)


  • Black woven fabric trim
  • Chromed door handles
  • Black coloured wing mirrors
  • 16″ steel wheels with wheel trims

Acenta models add:


  • Nissan CARWINGS telematics system
  • 7″ colour screen
  • 6 speakers
  • Colour reversing camera
  • Cruise control or speed limiter


  • B drive mode (enhances regenerative braking)
  • Energy efficient auto air conditioning (digital type)
  • Auto wipers & lights


  • Halogen headlamps with ‘Follow Me Home’ function


  • Black or stone suede-effect trim

Acenta+ models add:


  • 6.6Kw on-board charger
  • Mode 3 Type 2 (7 pin)  EVSE (3 pin)


  • 17-inch Autech alloy wheels

Tekna models add:


  • BOSE 7 speakers system with subwoofer
  • 360° Around View Monitor


  • Heated front & rear seats
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Heated exterior mirrors


  • Full black leather trim


  • LED headlamps with ‘Follow Me Home’ function

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so, option becoming standard in a new model. Was it more expensive before?

That’s good news but I still don’t see anything about a bigger battery ( I hope they go bigger then 30 and maybe use a more efficient motor like in the Zoe )

Could you please explain what you mean by “a more efficient motor like in the Zoe “?

Just google it I think there was some info from some other sites

Fully agree about the motor… I wouldn’t miss much power as the car has plenty of overkill now. Range is more important. I was glad to see the evolution of the battery separate from the car… still hoping that they will offer a bigger battery that is backward compatible with the original LEAFs.
I think a better pricing strategy would be to lower the number of models to 2. Base… including quick charge and range options… and Loaded… top end all the way. They could hopefully then lower prices as manufacturing would get less complicated. Inventory too.

The Leaf already has the more efficient motor.

$46,000 for a Leaf that might get 105 real miles…not worth it and I drive a 2012 Leaf.

lol, the Acenta is the middle trim leaf (so the US equivalent is the SV). If you add around 1-2 k$ this is nowhere near 46.000$ more like 26.000$.

You can not convert british or in general europe prices to dollar. Normal car prices are like “here 20.000€ = there 20.000$”. All your (US) cars are cheaper, probably a tax thing or so.

European prices are always including VAT and other applicable taxes.

My local Nissan dealer is offering $8500 off MSRP and 0% financing up to 72 months on the Leaf. Sounds like they’re trying to clear their inventory before the 2016’s come in. Whether or not that includes a longer range battery remains to be seen, but I think the probability of such a Leaf is higher than it was a month ago.

All signs are pointing to bigger, or at least denser batteries in the not too distant future… the questions are when exactly, how big, and backwards compatible?
Glad to hear they are dealing on the 2015s. I got one for a pretty good deal months ago. The battery has already been marginally improved over our 2013. Looking forward to a solid EPA 100+ miles to help keep the used ones in service for many years to come. If this car starts to be as common as Priuses are here in sunny Cali… the air pollution problems are gonna get much better…. and more folks can stop caring about the price of oil.

In Germany they launched the same thing. Calling it “LEAF LIMITED EDITION”.

“the Acenta+ is equipped with a 6.6kW on-board charger as standard,”

They would do their European customers a far bigger favour with a 3-phase charger.

“the EVSE (3 pin) cable”

Bit misleading there. The standard connection on a public EVSE in the UK and Europe is the 7 pin Type 2 connector. The “EVSE” connector is J1772-2009, which is called “Type 1” and has 5 pins.