Rural Western Australia Getting 70 “Bush Standard” Charging Stations

AUG 30 2017 BY MARK KANE 5

Western Australia has long been one big EV charging station desert, as it’s a fairly sparsely populated state in general, however times are changing.

Synergy to partner with the Australian Electric Vehicle Association to install three-phase charge points in towns and roadhouses on all major roads in the south and east of the state, as well as some remote locations in the north. (source: RenewEconomy)

A new initiative between Synergy (a utility company) and the Australian Electric Vehicle Association, will result in more than 70 new charging stations installed in rural WA in the next few months. 90% of them to be available in September.

The charging stations are to be mostly simple three-phase electric sockets, which are kind of a “bush standard“, but we are sure people looking for a charge won’t mind.

“A spokesman for the AEVA said WA could no longer “wait around” for rural electric vehicle charge points.

“The West Australian branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) have teamed up with WA’s biggest electricity retailer, Synergy, to deliver electric vehicle charging points to rural and remote towns in an effort to better connect electric travellers,” he said.”

“Synergy commercial general manager Geoff Roberts said the business would continue to expand its role in the electric vehicle market.

“Synergy has formed strong partnerships with industry groups like AEVA and the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia to understand what the future is likely to look like and to examine ways in which the business can play a leading role in enabling the take up of electric vehicles,” he said.”


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Very Nice! It’s a start, and those adventurous EV drivers will be quite grateful for them.

The great thing about this too, is that any old electrician can install them and the parts are at practically every electrics part distributor in the country. Should be able to get a 3-phase AC 32A socket installed for under A$300.

Work mentioning that the Tesla Owners Club of Australia (TOCA) was also a partner in this project – please edit the article if you can, Mark!

This is a AEVASynergy initiative Charles in Western Australia. Not sure where the TOCA tie up is there but feel free to clarify…

This is the way to go even in EU 3 phase works great for the industry charging electric forklifts. No problem charging cars. Been doing that for 5 years now works every time. No need for fancy mode3 wall boxes. 3 phase socket cost like $ 10.00 and installation $ 100.00 quick and easy. Gives you normally 50 km charging per hour.