Rumor Again Surfaces Calling For End Of Chevrolet Volt…In 2022


The plug-in car might be replaced by an electrified crossover.

Rumors about Chevrolet discontinuing the Volt have been swirling around for years, and now a report in late December indicates this might eventually happen in 2022. According to information by AutoForecast Solutions, brought to our attention by GM Authority, the automaker wants to shift its focus towards electric crossovers and utility vehicles, and this strategy is the key factor for Volt’s uncertain future.

Chevrolet Volt

Last Summer, it was rumored that General Motors is considering removing six passenger cars from its U.S. lineup by the end of the decade. One of them is the Volt, which is expected to be replaced by a plug-in crossover of some sort, or a completely electric vehicle.

If we assume the Volt is indeed going to be discontinued, this decision won’t come as a big surprise given the continuously declining sales of passenger cars in the United States. General Motors has an ambitious plan to launch 20 new electric cars by 2023, so there will be plenty of models to choose from as a replacement for your old Volt.

Nothing is confirmed by the American manufacturer yet, but in February last year GM decided to stop the production of the closely related Cadillac ELR due to its desperately poor sales of only 1,024 units in 2015. For a comparison, the second generation Chevrolet Volt is still doing relatively well on the market against its plug-in peers, with almost 25,000 deliveries in 2016, and just over 20,000 in 2017 – the most plug-in hybrid sales for the US over the 24 month period.

As mentioned above, GM wants to have no less than 20 electric vehicles by 2023, and will start its electric offensive with two new pure EVs in the next 12 to 18 months. These two vehicles will be “based off learnings from the Chevrolet Bolt EV” (think a Bolt EV-based Buick compact utility vehicle).

Source: GM Authority

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Chevy did not strike a good balance on the second Volt in terms of price / quality /features compared to Gen 1. Still think there is a lot of potential for PHEV technology going forward.

Volt 2 should have been the Honda Clarity Plug-in hybrid.

I love my 2017 Volt, before that I had a 735i BMW. I got tired of the 75.00 fill up every week on the B. Plus my Volt has all the features of my B and it’s fast. Drove the Volt across the state of PA and from PA to northern Maine, never worrying about where to plug in. I have one car that’s all I need.

I’m 60 yrs old, had numerous cars, luxury, performance, and street rods.
As far as I’m concerned this is the most technology advanced car in the world. It has all of the pre-mentioned:performance,smooth ride,great balanced handling and looks.
I may be kinda of old school and new school but there’s no way I’m going to go to Just One energy source and why would you.
I’m able to play the market whichever way. When gas prices are up I stay on electric don’t you think when everyone goes electric that the electric rates are going to go up and then gas prices are going to go down.
Plus everyone knows from your cell phones once you’re out of battery you’re SOL. Not with the Volt’s gas redundant system.
I assume the car companies want to go to just one type of energy drive system to add more profit to their bank account.
GM needs to promote the car this way and consumers you really need to go rent, or drive one and find out for yourself. Compare and see how this car Stacks up.

Given the odd way production volumes work in oil market, if enough cars flip to electric to effect its price gas is going to be really pricey.

I am 86 years old And have a 2017 Volt. Best, most innovative and just plain fun car I ever owned, including BMW Porsche,Buick,along with many Chevrolet and Ford.

Technically exciting. Ride great. Quiet. Comfortable.

A pure electric car with a built-in gas powered generator. I get 60 miles electric range and 350 miles gas range And recharge overnight on a 15amp 110v circuit.

Over about 6000 miles now over 90 mpge..

Why didn’t Chevrolet sell more? Simple. I went to 5 dealers who had no demo Volts, but would only sell to me via special order.

Finally found a RI dealer who stocked 5 or 6 Volts, and reordered regularly. And gave me a terrific price.

Highly recommend this sporty, comfortable technology advanced vehicle. Sure to be a classic.

Bill, the dealers don’t want to sell electric cars because they make far less on $$ maintenance. Gone are the $500 oil changes with ‘special’ approved oil and the inspections where they always find something wrong or in need of replacement. The real money for stealerships has been in the maintenance of ICE mobiles. They just hate the maintenance free electric cars, and they are lathe to promote them.

Your making a big mistake if you axe the Volt. I have a 2013 Volt. Other than the blind shots that the Volt has, it’s a great car. No anxiety. Please keep improving the Volt, so I can buy another.

Word is they are planning to place a Volt-based drivetrain in a crossover vehicle. As my main (only) complaints about the vehicle are rear headroom/legroom and a relative lack of cargo space, I’m all for it as long as it’s reasonably compact and the design doesn’t destroy the volt’s efficiency. I would have loved a Niro plug-in, but was loathe to wait 15 seconds to get to 60 while feathering the pedal to stay in EV mode. A Niro-like plug in from Chevy with a more powerful electric motor (just like that in the Volt) would be ideal.

How so? It’s a lot cheaper, a lot quicker, has better/more modern technology in cabin, goes 25% further on a charge, is more efficient on gas, and has a more usable back seat. It ‘s not selling because they don’t advertise it. Period.

Put Voltec in an Equinox-sized vehicle and most people will be perfectly fine with the Volt going away. I know I would be just fine if a EREV Equinox replaced the Volt in the lineup.

Don’t forget, it will NEED optional AWD and some towing capability…

Your exactly right. A Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV with a 18 kWh pack and Chevy Badge. That would be your EquinoxVolt.

It’s no wonder that GM will want to go the route of an all electric SUV by 2022. By then there will undoubtedly exist good HPFC (150+ kW) infrastructure coverage in the U.S..

A Volt Equinox makes sense, an EV SUV may not right now.

I don’t know if you can find people willing to spend $50k+ on such a vehicle.

The Volt is great for single people, and very young families.
It’s like the Mustang of Plugin’s.
The Sexiest Body out there, except for the model 3.

But, it’s double the price of a Mustang.
IF they lower the price, they’ll sell more. — Economics.

Where the hell are you buying Mustangs for $15,000? A base Mustang, with an awful 4-cylinder (for a Mustang – it’s a fine engine for most non-performance cars) sells for $26K. It’s the same price as a Volt after tax credits.

I won’t be surprised if the Volt body style fades into the sunset, but I am sure that the Voltec propulsion system will live on.

For some, especially those who live in a colder climate, it’s a perfect solution… at least until solid state batteries make their appearance.

It would appear that both the Volt and Bolt EV will not create another another generation…

That’s okay, imagine a world where GM creates an EV that no one can complain about?


That would mean that there would be no obnoxious Tesla fanboys in this world that you imagine. Hmmm. . .

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That sound you’re hearing is John Lennon rolling over in his grave. That was awful.

That was beautiful.

Careful John. That kind of thing will get you shot

Clap clap clap bravo!!!!

“Imagine all the EV fans living for today…”

Tch, tch. If you’re going to do a proper parody, then it should scan.

I could appreciate it if you’d put enough work into it that it would actually match the tune; I’m not so self-important that I can’t appreciate someone poking fun at me, and occasionally I do it to myself. But this is nothing but a demonstration of laziness.

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The Volt has a nice sexy body.
But, the rear seat headroom and legroom limit sales.
And as it’s double the price of a Cruze…

So, they do need a 3rd version, to fix both problems.

Not many would agree that it has a “nice sexy” body…Has an average Civic like body with a sprinkling of weird…

Look at any Prius, then look at the Volt. The Volt then looks like a Corvette. 😉

Um, no. They both share a very similar body style. Corvette is the one that stands out from both.

The Volt and Bolt are two of the best (objectively: most highly awarded) cars GM has ever produced, and people still complained endlessly.

The Bolt EV is one of the most highly awarded cars GM has ever made?

Wow. I thought GM engineering was much better than that. That’s really a low bar. Compared to the awards the Model S won, it’s downright embarrassing.

Well, okay… maybe comparing the Bolt EV to what some reviewers called “The best car ever made” isn’t fair. But honestly, after the truly superior job GM did with the Voltec powertrain, I was expecting better from GM’s first BEV.

I believe the Bolt won more awards than the Model X and the Roadster combined. But I guess if the only standard you have is “most awards of any car ever,” then sure, everything but the Model S is garbage.

Why replace, why not add to the lineup? Why not improve the value proposition, better car, lower price?

ARGH! Damn you GM! You never change!

Toyota didn’t cancel the Prius when they transplanted the hybrid drivetrain to their crossovers and other cars, they created two other versions, the C and the V, and even mustered a plugin version that is now kicking GM in the balls.

Umm…its just a rumor. A rumor mostly just here.

A “rumor”, from sources following up closely, that GM has not bothered denying or showing any signs that it is not true, just the opposite.

Do we know how the Buick Velite 5 is doing in China?

I believe the number is less than 2,000.

Read GM’s lips… Cars are not selling. Unless you’re buying a sports car what benefit does a car provide that a CUV can’t? Bolt and Volt technology will live in other vehicles.

That is because Bolt is taking Volt’s sales in car segment and if a Voltec SUV is out, it will effectively kill off the Volt sales.

Once the Volt sales goes down to 4 digit range, there is very little reason to keep it in production.

Indeed. People have been saying they want Voltec in a bigger car, and without that hump in the floor, for years and years. If GM cancels the Volt in favor of a larger car with a similar powertrain, hopefully one with a skateboard design which eliminates the floor hump, then why would anyone complain?

I guess it just proves that old saying: You can’t please everyone!

My guess would be a Chevy Trax based replacement. It is closer in size to the Volt, and would require the least amount of drivetrain tweaking.

GM has already put out their new “green” version of the Equinox. It is a 1.6 liter light duty turbo diesel that they’ve been working on for years. GM just brought this to market for 2018, after dumping a ton of money into developing it. They aren’t going to turn around and replace it with a PHEV drivetrain any time soon. 28 City/ 39 Highway on diesel fuel is as green as the Equinox is going to get until they recoup their costs to bring it to market.

Somewhere on the internet is an infographic from GM showing their long-term plans for fuel efficiency across their line of vehicles. It very clearly shows light duty diesel is their answer for Equinox and larger CUV/SUV’s, not EV or PHEV. We had a GM engineer confirm the same thing right here in the comments section of insideev’s within the last year or so.

Considering how poorly the other GM diesels sell compared to GM Plug-Ins, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did release a PHEV drive train in the Equinox over the next few years. GM sold ~3.5 times as many plug ins as diesels last year.

Although as a replacement for the Volt specifically, I think a Voltec Cruze Hatchback would be a better fit. 🙂

1) I don’t see them offering both the PHEV and the light duty diesel at the same time. Too much market dilution.

2) I don’t see them dropping the diesel, even if sales are low compared with gas. In fact, if diesel sales stay low, the way GM would use that would be to say: “See, we told you drivers don’t care about green cars and fuel efficiency — the US should gut the CAFE requirements and get rid of CARB ZEV mandates and stick to gas engines.” Which is of course is exactly the meme that the lobbying association they belong to have been using when lobbying Congress members.

1) I don’t see why they couldn’t! (Although that doesn’t mean they will lol. 🙂 ) For instance, they currently have the Silverado 1500 available as a standard gas model, eassist mild hybrid, and spy shots show a diesel is likely for 2019 as well. 2) Other automakers are blatantly doing exactly this. Old GM would have been one of them. But current GM really isn’t. For instance, GM (like Tesla) had the most to gain from tax credits going away since they are still the closest automaker to 200k. But they were the first and loudest automaker to come out in support of of the 7500 rebate. And they have 2 new EVs (and 1 PHEV) planned for the next 12 months. Even though by the end of 2019 they will not even have a partial rebate available. Despite this seeming disadvantage, they won’t shut up about being the first automakers to be 100% profitable on EVs! 🙂 I’d say that is a show of support for the technology on it’s own terms. In the past year, I have disagreed with the auto alliance on some issues such as rolling back the increased CAFE requirements. And agreed with them… Read more »

I agree even though I must Say my 2018 Volt is the tightest, smoothest, most quiet and fun chevy I have ever driven or owned. I have owned 3 Corvettes over the years but I am more impressed with the Volt technology.Excited to see what’s next out of Detroit.

And that thinking is why GM can go to hell, I’m not interested in dieslel….ever. And that GM thinks it’s a good alternative to an EV, (BEV or PHEV) after dieselgate shows just how far gone they are, such a promising lead in EVs and they just continue to piss it away.

They also think H2 fuel cells are an alternative to EV/PHEV’s.

In GM’s mind, they actually think that the VW scandal is a huge opportunity for them. GM thinks that the problem is VW, not the diesel motors themselves. And they think they can take over that passenger light duty diesel market where VW has left a vacuum.

GM has been working on light duty diesels for the US market for well over a decade. They (and others) think diesels are on the rise, and think getting rid of regulations under the current administration will cause diesel sales to grow (at the cost of EV/PHEV’s).

These are the folks who believe that the whole problem with the VW scandal isn’t that VW cheated on emissions regulations — they think the problem is the emissions regulations themselves.

Here is the perspective from the other side, from folks who don’t like EV/PHEV’s:

Keep in mind that a recent survey of ICE car maker executives shows that these executives believe that EV’s will fail.

@Paul Stoller and @Nix

In the US- GM sold ~15,000 diesels, about ~7,000 hybrids and ~44,000 Plug-Ins last year.

They have no FCEV on the market and no FCEV passenger vehicles planned. The only ones they have discussed are for military/shipping purposes. (where they belong)

“My guess would be a Chevy Trax based replacement. It is closer in size to the Volt, and would require the least amount of drivetrain tweaking.”

Volt is sharing platform with Equinox, not the Trax. So, it would be easier to drop Voltec into the same D2XX platform than the Trax platoform.

It’s got to happen some time, 2022 seems reasonable. I don’t see why they don’t put their hybrid drive train in other models though, they should offer a whole range of hybrids with it.

That’s not the only recent rumor related to Volt changes. GM Authority also is reporting on a mid-cycle refresh for 2019:

It would be surprising if the Volt _won’t_ disappear as a model by 2022… After 12 years, that would make sense, esp. with the rapid changes in EV tech.
If battery prices go down moderately, I expect a Voltec successor will be used primarily in larger vehicle, or maybe provide a bit more EPA AER (probably not >80mi, however), to give some slack for hot/cold weather, towing etc.
It wouldn’t make sense for a larger and/or different form-factor car to keep the same name.

If battery prices go down radically, and so does weight/space density, PHEVs will be sidelined for BEVs.

A 2019 volt with 30kwh battery / EV only button / DC fast charging / an inch or so higher ground clearance.

I would buy one and give my 2018 Volt to my wife. She would never use gas going to work.

I commute a long distance with my 2018 Volt and charging so frustrating I drive home using gas.

The Volt doesn’t need an “EV Only Button.” It’s not like those half-assed PHEVs that rely on the ICE in normal mode to achieve reasonable acceleration. The Volt is an EREV. If the battery is charged, it operates strictly as an EV in normal mode.

Wrong, I Live in Canada and it starts up warming up when i remote start it or when i am driving and it decides to warm up faster. If I am driving to the store and back i should be able to disable the engine start up.

Did you lower the temperature that engine running due to cold begins?

Didn’t know that was possible.

Voltec drivetrain remains the best current system IMO. Better than any pure EV for long trips. I think it is an expensive system to produce and it will become obsolete when current battery density improves 50-100%. That could happen by 2022. Meanwhile, I vigorously agree, put it in an Equinox!

“Last Summer, it was rumored that General Motors is considering removing six passenger cars from its U.S. lineup by the end of the decade. One of them is the Volt.”

Except Volt is five passenger.

Volt (and Bolt) only issue is not going full tech, no power seat or dynamic cruise on the Bolt, no power seat on the Volt. Both are essential for longer commutes.

And Hyndai Ioniq and Toyota Prius are some market spot and doing well. Both have power seats and dynamic cruise.

All Ioniq’s combined for 2017 are about half Volt sales, so I wouldn’t say it’s doing well. It’s sales actually decreased in the forth quarter. Prius sales in the US plateaued in 2012 and have been declining ever since. 28k less Pruis were sold in 2017 than 2016. So you can see car sales are not helping anyone’s bottom line.

Six models of passenger cars, not cars that hold six passengers.

(How many six-passenger cars are there anyways? I guess you can get the Model X that way.)

Yeah, that was epic misread. I was like dude, it’s six vehicles, that are passenger cars.
Oh well.

Read that as six ‘passenger cars’ (as compared to vans, light trucks, SUVs etc) rather than ‘six passenger’ cars.

Didn’t they announce that this Summer, along with half a dozen other models being scratched. I don’t know if they will keep making it for that long.

They have announced no such thing. 😛 In fact several GM execs denied the original story.

But I think the Volt is definitely likely to be beefed up into a larger vehicle next decade. Almost all future GM EVs are SUVs/Crossovers.

Buyers are so over sedans lol.

GM denied it, then it must be true.

Obvious article is obvious.

Volt is a nice car ruined by poor packaging.

There are dozens of things they could do to improve sales but I believe the best chance they had would be to reduce costs…To do so, shoehorn the Voltec into the Cruze and share as many parts with the Cruze as possible…No need for different body panels or different interiors, if a “Cruze by powered Voltec” could have stickered for $29,995, I believe sales would have doubled…

““Cruze by powered Voltec” could have stickered for $29,995, I believe sales would have doubled…”

No it wont.

But dropping the Voltec into Equinox and charge $35K, the sales would have easily doubled! The 50K/yr or so sales of current hybrid Rav4 would be easily surpassed.

I always considered the Volt to be an “infrastructure” car. When it came out there were not even many Level 2 chargers so if you wanted a practical car it was the only game in town.

The Voltec system would be awfully complicated in a world where there is no/little price penalty for EVs and you can fast charge your 60+ kWh Battery, which will hopefully occur about 2022.

The first gen. Voltec 4ET50 drivetrain was brilliantly simple and incredibly capable. It gave users the option to charge and drive the Volt on battery alone, or don’t use it, just charge at home and drive long distance on gasoline power. It was incredible how far the rated 35 miles of all electric range could go with public L2 charging if one was determined not to use gas (i.e. 300-400 all-electric miles in a weekend trip).

Certainly the greater all-electric range of the gen. 2 Volt helped, but how one takes advantage of it is equally important. Upgrading the onboard charger to 7 kW and giving the Volt DC fast charging could be more beneficial than giving it an extra 20-30 all-electric mile range.

Just because the Volt model might go away, does not mean there could be another sedan/hatch with the Voltec style drivetrain.

” the automaker wants to shift its focus towards electric crossovers and utility vehicles, and this strategy is the key factor for Volt’s uncertain future.”

If that is the case, do it NOW!!!!

The voltec CUV/SUV is at least 5 years overdue!

Yeah, I’m still waiting for my PHEV Saturn Vue that they teased 10 years ago.

Jay has written some detailed pieces on why the mainstream carmakers refuse to release an EV/PHEV SUV or Crossover. Bottom line, they won’t do it until they have no choice because it will cannibalize high-profit ICE sales.

Just raise the height by few inches, add AWD trims, make the rear like a hatch and rebrand it as crossover and it will sell well. Let it be REV (Range Extended Vehicle) like the current Volt.

This type of rebranding is not new. Toyota-Prius morphed from Sedan to Hatch, Buick-Regal morphed from Sedan to Hatch/Wagon combo. To put it simply, sedan models are moving towards wagon/crossover like model.

If Prius plugin could have $28,000 price tag for a 25 mile electric range / 54 MPG, then the Volt which has 53 mile electric range / 42 MPG can be priced around $31,000. Instead GM is still maintaining $34,000 price tag which is very high.

Ioniq plugin is priced at $24,950 (29 mile electric range / 52 MPG, proper 5 seater) and if it’s available in plenty, then the sales of Volt could face serious challenge.

I own a 2014 Volt, awesome car but I have always seen it as transition vehicle. As prices of batteries and charging times go down and power density goes up, it makes no sense to create an overly complicated and technologically advanced car like the Volt. If they can achieve around 400 miles range and quick charge times by 2020 (and I believe it’s doable), the simplicity/reliability of an EV will always be an advantage rendering PHEV obsolete.