Round Up Of Tesla Semi Videos / Images Plus Some New Roadster


Last night, concurrent with the debut of the Tesla Semi (details here), the automaker released a slew of related videos and some interesting images too.

From special glass, to a million-mile powertrain warranty, to platooning and even in-cockpit views.

There’s something for every truck lover here, plus some new Roadster (details) bonus videos too.

Now for some Roadster love:

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Since the semi is so cost-effective, Tesla should start their own shipping company using their own trucks. Start by shipping their Giga Factory batteries to the Fremont factory.

Volt#671 + BoltEV

Yes, they should use these for their own shipping.
Good test bed for the product.

I’ve been reading on different sites that they are *already* using them (in more discreet form) to ship batteries between the Gigafactory and the Fremont factory.

I am standing in line at the Tesla store to place my reservation for 1 Tesla Semi and 1 Tesla Roadster. Musk is a genius. The model 3 will pale compared to these brilliant innovations

Hyperbole much?

With the cost of diesel being 3 times higher in Europe than America I would expect most to sell in the former. They might just as well make them here.

Also with allowed driving time and speed being lower, making it a even better fit with range and charging.

Not quite 3 times higher for transport operators. We get rebates on the usual taxes applied to fuel.

Nonetheless… watched the reveal with my Dad (who runs the family transport business), he sat down this morning with a pen a paper to work the numbers out and asked me to put in a reservation today (he’s an EV driver as well already so he’s been asking about moving the HGV fleet).

Does any one here thinks that is more then smoke screen for investors who knows that it is smoke screen, but still thinks that it can play this game? For me it looked more like a joke. Money loosing company revealed two more products that will loose money…it is good for the hype but it starts to be unpleasantly weird show of nonsense

Troll harder, please. It’s not working.

You’re describing yourself quite well.

Lose, not loose.

I hope this semi, the pickup and sports car will also be available in different ranges, like 350 mile, 200 mile for those customers who feel that range is good enough for their operations.

Musk is a genius marketeer. The news about the semi and the new roadster fill the news an related debates for more or less a quarter of a year. The coming Christmas season will also help. This is the time he needs to crank out the Model 3s in quantities.

Marketing is finding out what the customer wants, what Musk does is promotion, just like Jobs used to do.