Rolls-Royce To Go Only Electric By 2040 – Little Late?

MAY 31 2018 BY MARK KANE 30

Rolls-Royce apparently aims to introduce its first all-electric car within 10 years and gradually phase out its existing 12-cylinder engine powertrains… over several decades.

According to a recent article in Financial Time, by 2040, the company that is part of the BMW Group, would likely offer solely electric cars.

On the other hand, CEO Torsten Müller-Ӧtvӧs points at the legal requirements, more so than environmental reasons.

Magma Red Rolls-Royce Cullinan (ICE)

“We will definitely offer 12-cylinder engines as long as we can, as long as it is legally allowed to offer them.”

We would like to see rather natural enthusiasm behind the electrification, than his response of dragging the 12-cylinder as long as possible.

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Rolls-Royce defends its stance saying that Rolls-Royce can’t be a compromise (mostly in terms of range and recharge time).

Other than that, Rolls-Royce said that the silence and torque of the electric powertrain would be a perfect fit for the profile of luxury cars.

Source: The Financial Time

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The 12 cylinder engine is now dead, as any electric is smoother.

So true, and Jaguar’s near-patriarchal use of 12’s was a natural fit for the only thing that could replace that kind of off-the-line torque: Batteries

Jaguar : 1
Bentley : 0
VW (Bentley’s owner): 0, for stalling superior technology, perfect for touring cars, so they could benefit their workers and shareholders for one more quarter.

The royals choose Jaguar electric:

Something for future generations to look forward to!

They are such a small part of the car market…

Nix, I tried to connect with you on email. Hit me up if you can please.

msg sent

And if they keep it up they will have no market and go BK.

A large manufacturer makes more cars in 3 days, then Rolls Royce makes in 3 decades – so pollution wice, all the small brands does really not matter. I read in a shipping magazine, that a huge container ship pollute more in 1 day then all the Rolls Royce, Bently, Maybach and 2-3 other small but famous brands does in a year.. The pollution related to the dogs in the world where greater then the global pollution from 9 car brands. Here Rolls Royce and a few other famous brands was included. The they added that lawn mowers pollute more then x-number of car brands. . Due to no catalytic converter, a less then ideal combustion and the huge numbers of machines. Then they stated the importance for electric garden equipment and so on.. A person with an EV that throws away too much food, pollute more then the average ICE car driver IF it is a person with good routines when shopping, storing, eating and planning meals. So. . There are always room for improvements. . But 2040. . THAT is slow. . They could add a massive battery, large enough motors and make it so it can charge… Read more »

Absolutely none of the above matters to anyone buying a new Rolls Royce. They’re only paying for the logo (which costs €0.20 to make) for conspicuous consumption. Every single functional feature of a RR is available, far more cheaply, in many other car models.

I have only met one RR owner in my life. He did not strike me as being about consumption. In fact, I had the feeling he was about quality. But, you do not get to know somebody over just a few coffees.

Actually, just 16 large ships from china pollute more than all of the vehicles on the roads in the ENTIRE world. That is all that are built and running on the road.
China has the ability to clean those ships up but choose not to. All of china’s ships were built cheaply.

When I was 11 or 12 I remember seeing a Rolls Royce. It was really cool, then,
back in the sixties. Rich little old ladies with blue hair were inside.

Jesus in a Dump Truck

This is very good, keeping the 12 cylinder engine as an option for aristrocracy and 1%er, so you can still get around if there is a power outage due to war where the powerplants get b0mbed and the proletarians are stuck with their EV.

Oh Jesus you are Ridiculous !

Shame that with power out, you will not be able to pump gas and refine oil. But the guy with solar on their roof will happily roll out in an EV.

@Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ӧtvӧs said:
“We will definitely offer 12-cylinder engines as long as we can, as long as it is legally allowed to offer them.”

More likely ~2027 will be the last Rolls-Royce ICE rolling off a production line because by then selling an ICE car will be like today trying to sell a tube TV.

Tube TVs are today legal to make but nobody wants one.

Smaller tvs (3-10″) for camping are still sold with Tubes since they are cheaper.

@Mr. M said: “Smaller tvs (3-10″) for camping are still sold with Tubes since they are cheaper.”


Instead of specifying what range and recharge time would be acceptable to RR, and then saying when those criterion are met that’s when we will switch to electric, the CEO says we will only change to electric when legally forced to, implying that range and recharge criteria can never be met. What a troll.

That’s not being a troll; that is recognizing the fact that many of their customers are very resistant to change and willing to spend lots of money to avoid it.

We can’t expect a company as conservative as R-R to lead the way in the EV revolution.

So, all they are saying is “we will be the last brand with an internal combustion engine”… cool…

I think it’s fine. If there is one brand that can should continue offering big ICE models, it’s RR. They will still be the best. Classic cars will also be ICE, for a long long time.

by 2030, RR will have stopped selling direct ICE. They might have hybrids available, but it is guaranteed that at least a couple of cars will be pure EVs.
Otherwise, places like China, and California will be off-limits to them. And I doubt that they want that.


Well, there is planning ahead… and then there is intentional foot-dragging.

I think it’s safe to predict that if Rolls-Royce is still in business in 2040, then nearly all of its models will already have been fully electric for some years.

However, I would not be at all surprised if R-R will be one of the very last auto makers to keep making gasmobiles, even when nearly every car and truck on the road is fully electric.


Is that a mistype?

“We will definitely offer 12-cylinder engines as long as we can, as long as it is legally allowed to offer them.”

Some car companies just don’t deserve to exist.

London “congestion charge” should be a percentage of the owners’ incomes.

The royal contribution would be “generous”… and RR would hurry to go electric !

Being allowed to poison people (sujets…) because you are riche is awful.

Considering how few cars rolls-royce sells, I am not surprised. Those are heavy behemoths.
Though I am amazed that they have NOT produced a series hybrid. That is just plain foolish.

Even if they keep selling them til 2040, they’ll still have sold only about 140k of them. It’s not like they make them as fast as Tesla would like to make their Model 3s. (Even with all their production problems, Tesla have probably made 140k Model 3s already).