Robert Llewellyn’s Fully Charged Returns With Funny Teaser Video

DEC 30 2013 BY MARK KANE 10

Just imagine their surprise

Just imagine their surprise

Robert Llewellyn’s spectacular Fully Charged is coming back next year with new reviews of electric vehicles.

Llewellyn’s return is thanks to Ecotricity, the renewable energy provider that supports Fully Charged and maybe even influenced this funny teaser video.

The new season will feature an electric Land Rover, BMW i3, Renault ZOE, new Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model S etc.

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Nice. I liked the first dozen or so episodes of fully charged, when he’d show a different car in each episode. But it seems like the last dozen or so were really boring and just seemed to go on and on. I hope this new series is more entertaining.. Looking forward to seeing him drive the i3 and the Tesla.

Funny, but to replace four cooling towers with three windmills is offensibly inaccurate.

I was thinking the same thing. They replaced 3 GW of nukes with 3 MW of variable wind? That’s hardly 1-to-1…

Couldn’t agree more. I was thinking the same thing.

Also, when he made the comment about taking a 3-ton truck to pick up a liter of milk, saying that it’s a basic human right…. Funny and all, but… Well, I don’t like it when people use the wrong vehicle for the job, either, I don’t want to live in a world where I DON’T have the right to do something stupid like that, either. He only lost me when he started snarking about the ‘human right’ thing. See the spirit of my point?

Yeh I’m with pj. What’s wrong with a cooling tower? We have a solar thermal plant in AZ that heats water for a steam cycle. The steam cycle needs to be cooled. So even solar thermal requires a cooling tower and it is 100% green.

What’s wrong with a cooling tower is that it represents a waste of energy. In a well-designed system, the heat that a cooling tower is dispersing into the atmosphere could be used for useful purposes (e.g., cogeneration, trigeneration).

You can’t transmit heat efficiently over long distances. For most jurisdictions, you’ll waste lots more energy laying and maintaining an extra set of insulated pipes for hot water. You’ll probably still need the cooling tower for times when heat usage is low.

So far I think with the cooling towers getting knocked down most of them are aging Coal fired power plants. Such as Virginia power has officially said they are going to shut down all their coal plants that are older then 30 to 40 years old and that don’t have pollution controls on them and replace them with natural gas plants.

Of course in some other parts of the county the solar projects and the wind farms many of which are even larger then some of Virginia’s power’s largest coal fired plants are quickly growing. Such as there was this one place in Illinois that I remember driving by one year and there where 60 wind turbines at 39 megawatts. The next year I drove buy it and there where over 900 wind turbines in the same place and over a 1000 megawatts of power.

Wow, that commercial is just a little sadistic. Giving cooling towers life then killing them off. Interesting that they animated 2 of those cooling towers as saluting as they fell to their death.

I love the show, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s coming back. Now why do I have to wait till next year? That’s sooo long! 😀