Rob Llewellyn Takes A Spin In The Nissan LEAF Nismo RC (w/video)

APR 26 2013 BY JAY COLE 7

The host of Fully Charged, which is a web-based video magazine, Robert Llewellyn recently took a drive in a Nissan LEAF Nismo RC.  And because we basically love every Robert puts out, we thought we would pass the clip along.

It is not everyday you get to hear what an EV with no sound deadening…sounds like.

Based Off A Production Nissan LEAF, The Nismo RC Version Is All Business

Based Off A Production Nissan LEAF, The Nismo RC Version Is All Business

Some basics on Nissan’s racing LEAF:

  • same basic construction as the LEAF
  • 24 kWh lithium battery pack
  • 107 hp
  • 210 lb-ft of torque (which is based off the 2011 LEAF motor, new 2013’s are rated at 187 lb-ft)
  • 2,068 pounds; which is about 40 percent less than the current LEAF in production
  • 0-60 comes up in around 6.5 seconds
  • top speed: 93 mph
  • dimensions compared to the production LEAF:  3.9″ shorter wheelbase, 14″ lower in height, 2.5″ ride height
  • two-door carbon-fiber body
  • 18-inch, 225/40-18 Bridgestone racing tires
  • drive time in racing conditions: about 20-25 minutes, which range under normal conditions is around 100 miles

Obviously, racing conditions are not the best scenario for electric cars, as high speeds and the need for frequent acceleration draws a lot of juice from fairly limited batteries.  Still, in the Nissan LEAF Nismo RC’s first competitive outing at the Sportsland Sugo Circuit in Japan last year, it placed second, while completing a 31 mile course.

Video of the Nismo LEAFs first “race” below:

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I wonder why it is so much noisier than a regular Leaf.

Wow I’ve never seen a race car that didn’t actually race. Why didn’t that put some pedal to the medal? That was a bit of a let down really.

I hear you on the lack of racing footage Cody!

We went back and dug up some footage of the Nismo LEAF at its first race and added it in to round out the piece. (Here it is again)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been subscribed to the fullychargedshow since 2010. At the beginning of April, I’ve seen a couple of older episodes like this being reuploaded. This one of him in the Nismo Leaf is almost a year old now.
Just a friendly FYI.

Also, when on Earth did the 2013 Leaf lost 23lb-ft of torque compared to it’s predecessor!? I thought its power figures remained unchanged.

That is a weird one isn’t it? But that is what happened after the 2011 model year for some unknown (and unannounced) reason.

Why can’t they just build a “Leaf Sport”! with the following:

32kwh battery (shoot for 120mile range)
same HP/Torque as the RC car
sporty body kit that hints the RC car
1″ lower to the ground

Price it for $40K MSRP… it will sell like hotcakes!