Roadshow Reviews Tesla Model 3, Rates It 8.2/10 – Videos

Tesla Model 3

JAN 29 2018 BY MARK KANE 40

Roadshow’s review of the Tesla Model 3 is entitled “So close to perfect”, which more or less tells us that the latest Tesla was well received.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Overall rating by Roadshow of the Model 3 stands at 8.2/10. Here’s the rating breakdown:

  • Performance – 9
  • Features – 7
  • Design – 9
  • Media & Connectivity – 7.5

Roadshow notes that the driving experience is solid and the design is very stylish too, however there are too many distractions (touch screen required for wipers or cruise control, for example). Some of those features controlled through the display could become annoying or unsafe. Otherwise, the car is excellent.

The Good – Clean looks, a distinctive yet practical interior layout and solid performance create what seems like a perfect package.

The Bad – Serious usability issues exist. Some will be polished away with over-the-air updates, but others will remain.

The Bottom Line – Tesla’s affordable EV isn’t exactly affordable yet, but it sure does drive nice.

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“Some of those features controlled through the display could become annoying or unsafe.”

Different isn’t always better.

All the complaints about the UI remind me of when OSX first debuted, and PC users cried, “it’s too hard to learn!” When what they really meant is, “it’s too unfamiliar and hard to get used to after growing up using PCs all our lives.” In fact, the OSX was proven to be easier for novices with no experience on either system to pick up (and probably still is).

The fact is, touchscreens are here to stay, and Tesla’s just happens to be the best. Even these guys say so:

There is on HUGE difference: You have to look at the touchscreen to use it. While this is not a problem for a cellphone or a computer, “the display could become annoying or unsafe” for cars.

And that is why they’ve designed it that you rarely-to-never have to use it while driving. I drive a Model S, so I know of what I speak. Most of the settings are once-and-done; I set my wipers to Auto when I got the car and haven’t touched them since. All the while-driving stuff (volume, cabin temp, etc.) is voice controlled or mapped to the thumbwheels. About the only while-driving buttons you can’t map or voice command are front/rear defrost and seat heat, both of which are typically engaged before you even pull out of the driveway. And they’re always right there on the bottom dock of the screen, so you don’t have to open menus for them.

I have an X, and am forced use the screen while driving all the time. Seat heating, defrost, music browsing, etc—and voice command is a joke. But most of all, I use it for navigation: changing destinations on the fly, and looking at traffic and ETA. I’d use it even more of the X lacked auxillary nav in the instrument cluster, as is missing from the 3.

Then you’re doing it wrong.

“I have an X, and am forced use the screen while driving all the time.”

How often do you chance your seat, steering wheel, mirrors, air flow direction … while driving ?

You like to have tons of buttons/switches/levels on over the place ?

Now, if you have another car with tons of buttons try these simple task: adjust tone controls, balance, fader of your stereo without looking at it. Can you do that ?

Six you are off your meds again and you think you have an model X.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Try adjusting your cruise control speed while driving. Your eyes will have to leave the road.

Why would I adjust it? I set it to the speed I want to go, and it goes at that speed; it slows down if it needs to, and I can always step on the accelerator to pass. I’m not saying you don’t have to take your eyes off the road; I’m saying you rarely have to adjust it.

Put your hands at 10 and 2 right now, then glance over your right knuckles. Are you trying to tell me that’s really going to cause an accident?

“Why would you have to adjust it?”

Different people drive differently, but I use my cruise control in both my EV’s all the time… I adjust it ten times per trip without even thinking about it…..

I suppose if it was difficult to set or adjust I just wouldn’t use it as obviously I did when I had cars that didn’t have the option.

But why?

Because speedlimit changes even when goomg straight ahead.
Sometimes it is 50 km/h, sometimes 70 km/h and sometimws 90 km/h.

If you dont have a car in front of you and hve set the speed to 50 for adaptive cruise control and the speed limit changes to 90 km/h then I also rechange the adaptive cruise control to 90 kmph manually.

How do you handle that situation without changing it manually during driving?

Disengage, increase speed, engage cruise control. Much easier than bumping the stalk 20 times or tapping the screen.

Great link!

If you actually drive the vehicle I believe most would concur there is plenty to be distracted by. For someone like myself who is eager to replace my Prius for something with a smaller carbon footprint, have to say it’s a legitimate gripe- there’s simply too much tech. Drives brilliantly but not convinced the distractions are simply something you’ll adjust to over time.

Brian Cooley should have did this review, i dont trust lumberjack texh guy to do a car review

Tim actually has a lot of experience reviewing cars. His opinions are worth considering.

BC is better and sarcastic with his review

Except that the things that they did not like can be changed over the air. That will never happen with the Bolt.

yes you can. Just go to damn dealer

No thx. I never want to go to another dealer.

That word you inserted, just before ‘Dealer’: was that your opinion, or an actually expressed common opinion?

If it is the Latter, your answer included a primary description of the problem, right there!

Another Euro point of view

So in substance he says in the videos that it does have as good a handling as a BMW 3 series neither it is as well built. He also says that the touchscreen commands system is quickly annoying and sometimes dangerous, finally, that this $35K car that they are currently testing actually costs $57K. I think I will wait a bit for our 350 Kwh Euro supercharger network to come on line and see what the real professionals will come up with in 2019 & 2020.

*sigh* Here we go again with another slam on Tesla for being expensive when fully loaded. Remember: the base price of the Bolt (for example) is more than the base price for the Model 3, and it’s in no way Tesla’s fault that GM doesn’t offer a longer range battery, dual motors, or driver assist, even as an option.

I don’t mean to call out the Bolt, Bro1999; I mean to call out the idiots who attack Tesla for doing the same thing every other car company does (showing off the fully equipped model).

It’s Tesla’s fault for not offering a cheaper car. Reviews try to be apples-to-apples when possible. If Tesla built the cheaper version first, or offered a full range of pricing, this would not be an issue.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

They should offer a more KISS version without any AP crap, or overengineered door handles.

AP is optional.

No one would accuse Tesla of having ‘over engineered’ door handles – unless you mean the German guy who for 50 Euros will give you a decent racking gear that won’t constantly strip all the time (his is made out of stainless steel so that it won’t snap). If one smart guy in his basement can make a Tesla door handle really work, the question remains why can’t Tesla?

That’s the kind of thing that would concern me if I bought one of these products – if the car is out of warranty, how much do I want to spend fixing stuff every spring, since the very cold winters in my area will cause everything marginal to snap over the winter?

The base price is $35k. That won’t be available for a few more months, so go ahead and keep beating that monotonous drum until then.

And you never see a review (and especially not a TV ad) showing the base model of any car.

What other non-Tesla car was rolled out so that if you wanted the barebones base version, you needed to wait at least a year from when the first units were officially sold? I’ll be shocked if a true $35k Model 3 is delivered before July of this year. Or this year period.

Et tu, Bro? What can I say? You hold out, pony up, or go with Door #3 (the Leaf).

According to my Delivery Estimate, I could get the “barebones” by “Early 2018” if I weren’t holding out for dual motors. That could mean as late as June 30, and it’s already late January.

And considering we’re already seeing VINs for dual motors, which are supposed to be available after Standard Range, it’s really hard to say when to expect the other shoe to drop.

But like I said to Tollnonymous, go ahead and keep beating that monotonous drum. For now. Nobody will care in a few months.

(On a side note: I saw my first Bolt in the wild last week, not counting EV meets. We were in slow traffic and I unfortunately couldn’t pull up alongside; I wanted to give them the thumbs up for driving electric.)

IIRC, the barebones, 5 seater Model X was delivered about a year after the first Model X’s were handed over. And Tesla also prioritized higher spec Model S’s when they were first released as well.

So I guess this is really nothing new as far as Tesla making people wait for the “cheaper” versions of a car. I’m sure more than a handful of people were expecting to buy a $35k Model 3 and still cash in on the full $7.5k fed tax credit. Looks like that will not be happening for most.

“Delivery Estimate, I could get the “barebones” by “Early 2018” ”

You sure about that? Everything I’ve seen states that is for the standard range battery option. I’ve seem nothing that confirms you won’t still need to get the premium interior, or maybe they make EAP a mandatory add-on in “early 2018”.

There were no Bolts available in Houston until 9 months after it was released, for comparison. I didn’t get my 2011 LEAF until 8 months after California, as a day 1 reservation holder.

Tesla might not release all trims at launch, but they ship nationwide before most other OEMs.

Editor: Tried commenting several times, changing punctuation, etc, but system still erases what I type.

All set, Bill. Sorry about that.


Steven, also, the comments seem didabled or unselected for the story about the Model S P100DL vs the Model X 90D