Roadshow Reviews New 2018 Nissan LEAF – Videos

DEC 24 2017 BY MARK KANE 10

Roadshow’s Brian Cooley tested the next generation Nissan LEAF in SL trim with tech package. His take is that it’s very much improved and worth a look.

2018 Nissan LEAF

The first part of the review focuses on the interior. The cars looks better within and it’s truly quiet. Cooley adds that the new LEAF is enjoyable to drive.

Commenting on the e-Pedal. Cooley likes it because you rarely need to use the real brakes.

Nissan ProPILOT was called advanced assist at its current stage. Cooley notes it’s far from autonomous driving, but it can be useful in traffic or on the highway.

Of course what will attract consumers is the 40 kWh battery for around 150 miles of range at a price of $30,875 before $7,500 federal tax credit. It’s that price that will be the main draw, we think.

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Using an analog speedometer seems like a step backwards, especially at a time when more and more gasoline cars are moving towards digital speedometers. Also, why is the infotainment unit screen even smaller than the previous gen?

Good points. An analog speedometer is an anachronism in this age of digital. Analog gauges are important to immediately know the range of measurement. This works for temperature and voltage readings. It is absolutely unnecessary to know the range of your speed.

As far as the infotainment unit, it seems like Nissan decided to use a ridiculously wide bevel around the screen. For what purpose, given that larger screens are dirt cheap in 2018.

You have both digital and analog. I happen to like the analog. I wish people will stop bitching about things that not important

If that’s your biggest gripe, Nissan has done a great job.

Digital speed instrumentation has been in common use since the 1980’s. I don’t find it any more futuristic than a needle gauge.

Merry Christmas everyone! I like the balance of the LEAF 2.0. Unless you live in a hot state, like Texas or Arizona. The air-cooled battery pack is a deal breaker for some…But I regard the LEAF as an alternative to Bolt EV for my family. I’ll reserve final opinion until I drive one to compare. My state of Washington is moderate of temperature, and the LEAF may be a better fit for us – as it would be a placeholder (lease) until we could buy a Model 3. Bolt has longer range and a better engineered battery pack with thermal controls. For a buy, I’d most likely go Bolt, but the plasticky interior and uncomfortable seats are also deal breakers. The larger touchscreen and more well-thought out controls of the Bolt EV are pluses. Perhaps the 2019 Leaf with the 50-60 kwh pack will also have options like a larger screen for the head unit. I like the addition of knobs though…Some old ways are better ways, in my opinion- and I like knobs. Model 3 gives up a HUD and knobs, which I consider budget moves more than a “clean” design. I do like less buttons, but no buttons… Read more »

Great job Nissan, you have revolutionized the world with affordable electric car and the batteries very popular. The 10.000 order from Europe gives a big hope.

Here the old man Mercedes Benz comes up with a capacitor for their bus. Capacitor could be another type of battery and lets hope that technology also picks up.

This actually is perfect for me. I commute about 150 miles a week. I’d love this as I wouldn’t need to charge every night.

These range wars aren’t nearly as important as people make it out. For your daily driver you don’t need 300+ miles. All that extra range is just dead weight in the battery your lugging around.

And I’m so glad they got rid of the cheesy digital dash. That stuff always looks dated after a few months. Like an old caddy from the eighties.

“So many 2016, 2017 Leafs with degraded batteries”??? Please provide statistics from reliable source to support your claim. Bet you can’t you little FUDster troll. Go back into your cave

Just like Nissan has 60 KWh version for 2019, they should also include AWD version in the pipeline. Once they launch that, Leaf will be classified as Crossover and it’s sales will shoot off like a rocket.

They should not wait for 2/3 years before making any development like they did with Leaf-1.

Remember Model 3 will give AWD version by 2019.