Road Tripping In A BMW i8 – Day Three


Sunday March 8th.

The heated seats and preconditioning were put to great use this morning as we left the El Tovar to see the sunrise over the Grand Canyon.

Temperature was 24 degrees.  Walking to the car in below freezing weather and then getting in a prewarmed car is a special treat.

Awe inspiring morning, just wonderful cruising the south rim in the BMW i8 stopping at several spots for viewing. Breakfast at the El Tovar following the mornings outing.

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The rear seats  (where we are storing half our gear) is suprisingly, very easy to get to.  Much easier than in the ActiveE.   In the ActiveE, the seats would not stay in the folded forward position so you always had to use a hand or other body part to keep the seats forward while at the same time unloading.  In the BMW i8, the doors are longer thus more access to the back, and the seats stay folded forward.

It’s been a nice surprise, the ease of use of the back seat area.

We’re hitting the road again on a 5 hour drive east to the Acoma Pueblo.   The i8 is doing great and is just a wonderful road-trip car. Plenty of space with gear for two.

What a great day road tripping in the BMW i8, Julie took the wheel for most of the drive.  We left the Grand Canyon at 11am and decided to take a more leisurely pace filled with historic places between the Grand Canyon and the Acoma Pueblo.  What a magical and blessed 8 hours on one of the greatest roads in the world.
“Standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona, such a fine site to see, it’s a girl oh my in a BMW i, slowing down to take a look at me”  C’mon Baby, take it easy”
Do you think Jackson Brown would mind the changed lyrics?
Hwy 40 through Arizona and New Mexico replaced Route 66 known as “The Mother Road.”
Historic Route 66 meets the BMW i8, a drivers paradise.
Gallup New Mexico,
We forgot Winona,

And so did Kodak… poor Kodak…Technology moves on for both cameras and cars.

The Painted Desert,  something wonderful about the combination of nature and the BMW i8.

The Petrified Forrest and TeePee formations.
After a great day beginning before sunset on the rim of the Grand Canyon, we arrived at the Sky City Hotel and Casino in Acoma New Mexico at 8pm.  We’re at 1024 miles for the trip and averaging 31mpg.   There is a surprising amount of electricity being generated by braking and coasting as well as our occasional flick to the left, sport mode driving, more on that later.

The i8 is tucked away for the night.

Tomorrow, we look for a car wash and then we visit the oldest city in America, the Acoma Pueblo.  After that we begin the two day trek home.

During the two day drive, I’ll have lots of time to reflect on driving notes, likes and dislikes (the seatbelts are beautiful but watch out for seatbelt burns on the neck if you are a tall guy.) This and other BMW i related thoughts.

…so far, the trip of a lifetime!
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Ohh Peder,

You missed the best treat of all….staying at La Posada in Winslow.

This hotel was designed by Mary Colter….the same lady that did El Tovar.

It was saved by a small band of architects that resurected it for the death dealt by the RR.

We go there every year and it is the closest thing to a religious experience one can get.

They even have an EV charging station. A 1st class restaurant and 120 solar panels.

Don’t miss it next time.


I did a Grand Canyon / Las Vegas drive in Summer ’13 in a Jeep Liberty. Not as much fun as an i8 would have been. Amazing scenary.

Peder . . . I don’t want to bring you down, but this kinda comes off as “Hey look at me! I have 2 i3s and an i8 and a house with solar PV! I’m rich and my life is great!” travelogue.

Enjoy your toys. But realize that at a some point you don’t come off as an EV advocate, you come off as an elitist bragging.

I enjoy the pictures and travel log he details. It only comes off as bragging if you are jealous or something.

Yes, agreed. There is such a thing as living vicariously.

Seriously guys…leave Peder alone. He is making a great road trip story and I’m glad he used the money for energy efficient cars instead of gas-guzzlers.


How many of your 1024 miles were done on from-the-plug electricity?

I have been averaging 34 mpg for 22 years in my Nissan Sentra, but have never considered blogging about it.