Road Tripping In a BMW i8 – Day 2


Day 2 – Saturday March 7th

Special vehicles for special uses.

8:00 am and we take the i8 to downtown Sedona for a two hour Red Rock Jeep tour.

Even though the i8 is all wheel drive, probably best to use the Jeep off road!


Let's Take The Jeep

Let’s Take The Jeep

Now on to driving up through picturesque Oak Creek Canyon on the way to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. Will be driving that stretch in sport mode.

Here Comes The Crowd!

Here Comes The Crowd!

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Everywhere you go the i8 draws a crowd and you need to plan for time to talk to folks.

I had worked up a full complement of EV range by driving up Oak Creek Canyon in sport mode, carving up 15 miles of twisties in the most epic of driving experiences. The snow was melting so the road was a combination of wet and dry. The i8 in all wheel drive sport mode just ate it up absolutely planted …ear to ear grin.

On the 50 mile drive drive from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon, the drive was desolate and super quiet. I put it in EV mode for about 20 miles and the experience was one of soaring. The only noise was from the wind passing over the cockpit. The road was asphalt and in exceptional condition, no road noise at all.

Gliding, 20+ miles with no noise or music, only the sound of the wind.

BMW i8

BMW i8

The gull wing doors of the BMW i8 make beautiful picture frames.

Framed Perfectly!

Framed Perfectly!

She is admiring the curves!

Admiring The Curves

Admiring The Curves

620 miles, 31mpg. Loving the i8 and appreciating the all wheel drive and 370 horses driving up Oak Creek Canyon, as well as the silence of electric drive in desolate spaces.

A glider or a jet fighter, your choice.

Car is put away for the night at the El Tovar Hotel. Tomorrow we drive the rim of the Grand Canyon.

*If you missed Day 1 of the BMW i8, you can check that out here.

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