Road-Tripping In BMW i3 REx – Video


“Gary Gastelu takes a road trip in the BMW i3 REx range-extended electric car.”

Here’s a Fox News video review of the i3 REx and, believe it or not, Fox is basically spot on in describing the i3 REx, even when discussing the i3’s limited power up inclines.

All in all, this is a decent short review of the i3 REx put out by Fox, which leads us to believe that perhaps the news outlet is warming up to electric cars.

BMW i3 REx

BMW i3 REx

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Was there a CARB reason why BMW did not simply equip the i3 Rex with a “Mountain Mode” Like the Chevy Volt that reserves a little extra battery?

He was a bit kind regarding the limitations of the Rex version.


I don’t think so. The way I look at it, the Rex version, despite whatever limitations it may have on long hill climbs, is still infinitely more versatile than the BEV version.

It’s limitations are not nearly confined to long hill climbs. It is a decent step better than 80 mile BEV’s but it isn’t close to a Volt or Model S85.

Wow. Surprisingly accurate and neutral in tone (positive actually). Is Fox running a fever?…

I’m sure Fox’s true intent is evil. They’re just trying to lull you into a false sense of security. Fox and the spawn of Satan (ie Koch Brothers) are surely hatching some villainous plan. You should never trust them … ever.

The BMW i3 Rex is not road worthy. It can not maintain highway speeds over 70 mph on level ground and it can not climb a hill that is 1/2 of a mile in length in Rex mode without loosing power unexpectedly. All other electric vehicles give some kind of warning when the state of charge drops, they do not loose power unexpectedly. The BMW i3 Rex does. That is why it is not road worthy. GM last year recalled thousands of cars because the ignition switch would shut off unexpectedly. Resulting in a sudden lost of power that caused 13 deaths. The same thing can happen with the BMW i3 Rex. It is the sudden lost of power that will cause accidents. Last year I was interested in buying the BMW i3 Rex. I went to two BMW dealers. They had a lot to say about the range extender but they never once said it was designed to get the driver to the next charging station. The BMW i3 Rex was always promoted as a range extender with a generator that will charge the battery when the state of charge drops below 6% to take you to the next… Read more »