Road-Legal McLaren P1 GTR Coming Soon


McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren P1 GTR

McLaren P1 GTR, the track-only version of the P1 plug-in hybrid, which cost some $3 million, soon will be able to drive on public roads.

McLaren specialists Lanzante, based in Hampshire, UK, is offering conversions to meet road-going regulations for each particular country.

For now, McLaren sold over 40 P1 GTRs, but we don’t know how many owners will decide to use their 986bhp and 1,440 kg (3,175 lbs) monsters on the streets.

“The Hampshire-based firm, which is renowned for its work on customer McLaren F1s and F1 GTRs, has decided to undertake the conversion work following demand from customers who have bought the track-only version of the P1 GTR from the factory.

The level of standard modifications has not been revealed, nor the price of conversions, because of the complexity of customer requirements.”

First conversions should begin this Summer.

Source: Autocar

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Great news for those 200 people that will own one!

sometimes it just feels mindboggling that 3 million dollar hypercars sell almost as well as 100 % subsidy depended compliance electric cars that nobody really wants as they are purposely engineered inferior to corresponding gasoline car.

Why it cannot be as such that we just ban new gasoline cars from the rich 1 % and voilá, the demand for electric cars will increase 100 fold overnight.

You can’t ban the rich from getting what they want…wealth equals power in human societies.