Rivian To Show Off Its 800 HP Electric Truck At LA Auto Show


Rivian’s electric truck will debut soon, and if it can pull off reported specs, it’s going to be truly incredible.

Hmm … 800 horsepower, 450 miles of range, “far more capable” than a Tesla Model X, “faster than a Ferrari,” seats five passengers, and priced competitively? It’s a bird, it’s a plane … faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive …

All we can say is “woah, we want one!”

Rivian has been extremely private over the years. The story is that the company has been very calculated in getting all its ducks in a row to be able to pull this off. Thankfully, soon, we’ll get to see the truck it true form. We can only hope that the startup is able to find much success in the segment.

According to Rivian, its upcoming electric truck will begin production in 2019. The truck will come in two forms, a pickup truck (A1T) and SUV (A1C). In addition to the amazing specs revealed above, Rivian says the truck will tackle a zero-to-60-mph sprint in 2.8 seconds, climb a 45-degree incline, and handle 3.5 feet of water.

The base vehicle will come with an 80 kWh battery pack and be good for over 200 miles of electric range. There will also be an upper trim that churns out 800 horsepower and travels over 450 miles on a charge. Pricing hasn’t been revealed, but Rivian says it will cost between $50,000 and $90,000.

Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe said that the company also plans to license this platform to other automakers. This means that others could work faster toward long-range electric vehicles without having to do all the research.

The new vehicles will be built in Normal, Illinois at the former Mitsubishi plant, which Rivian acquired last January for $16 million. Eventually, in the 2020s, the plant will be at maximum production capacity with some 1,000 or more employees. For now, Rivian is purchasing some parts for the vehicles, including the batteries, however, it appears that this will not be the case into the future, as the company has plans and capability to make battery packs for vehicles and energy storage applications.

Sources: Automotive News, Teslarati

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danm! i want one, cant wait to see the reveal. want to see how its going to look.


And here I thought the article was about a truck. Then I realized that it’s just about over-sized cars.

This is a truck:

Being an Illinois resident, I wish them success. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like I will be able to afford one. Maybe they will build something less expensive in the future.

If it costs 50-90K, that is the same price range as an F250-350. And the specs obviously are closer to an F450. So, plenty of places for this. In about a year or two, I would guess that Rivian or Tesla will produce something in the F150 price range, but performance of a top end f250.

So i have to wait til December to see the first ev truck?!
“Rivian says it will cost between $50,000 and $90,000.”
….or you could say it’s anywhere between $1 and $100,000….you can never go wrong with that.

I think it’s smart of Rivian to keep their options open, so they don’t get accused of “promising” one price and delivering at another. They could say “We’re aiming for $50,000, but realistically, these things tend to wind up costing significantly more than a startup planned for when they finally enter production.” That would be honest… but what company wants to talk honestly about their products? Advertisers would have a heart attack if they started doing that! 😀

I think they are accurate in pricing for the options that will be available

Not unlike the model 3 pricing from 35,000 to 86,000

I thought TM3 was special hence the super wide price range…

The current range of prices for full size pickups (obviously not EVs) is roughly $20k to $100k.
The meat of the market is crew cab 4WD (average price recently published was about $47k) and based what they have said so far (as little as that may be) based on the image they promote it may be likely that the $50k base is just that, with the low end of the electric range and creature comforts but fully capable as a do everything vehicle. If so, then I think they’ll have healthy demand, including me.

Who makes a full-sized pickup for only $20k? Maybe there is such a thing, but I’m fairly sure all the best-selling pickups in American are north of $30,000.

in fact, most of the trucks sold in Ford’s line would be the F[23]50 and I would guess that the average is north of 50K.
The F150 type pickup is for the goat ropers type guy or for the lesbians driving trucks.

Looks like they are aiming to use Tesla’s path to success, by starting out with a rather pricey vehicle. However, Tesla’s original Roadster was in the neighborhood of $100,000-110,000, so this is actually somewhat less. Then again, li-ion battery prices have fallen quite a bit since 2008, when the Roadster debuted, so perhaps Rivian can afford to aim further down-market than Tesla did at its start.

Good luck to Rivian! Tesla needs some rivals to keep them competitive, and I hope that Rivian turns out to be a successful rival.

“The more the merrier.” EM

Again, delivering a promise is everything. When the aforementioned specs and pricing actually makes it to market then kudos to this company.

Nice. Hopefully, they will consider producing a nice van.