Rivian R1T Compared To Tesla Electric Pickup Truck: Video


Two future electric trucks compared.

This video compares what we’d consider the two main upcoming competitors in the hot electric pickup truck segment.

In one corner is the Rivian R1T electric truck. In the other, the nameless Tesla truck.

Admittedly, details on the Tesla truck are scarce (we’ve yet to even see it, just some crazy renders), beyond a few comments made mostly on Twitter by Elon Musk. But as a refresher, here’s some of the latest intel:

  • Standard equipment will include dual-motor AWD, a self-leveling air suspension that adjusts for load and more.
  • It’ll be a new kind of pickup truck
  • Range will possibly over 500 miles

Additional Tesla truck details here

Of course, none of that’s officially official yet, whereas Rivian’s figures seem quite a bit more set in stone. Note the full spec sheet below.

How does the Rivian R1T match up to the Tesla truck? Well, that can’t fully be answered until both vehicles are released, driven, tested and so on, but this video tries to provide a rundown comparison of the two electric trucks.

All that aside, we welcome not one, but two electric pickup trucks onto the EV scene. Exciting times lie ahead.

Video description:

The Rivian R1T vs. The Tesla Pickup Truck!

Everything we know so far.

Source: Tinkering Thomas on YouTube

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Junior Garvin Alexander

Based on your info those trucks cannot be compared. The Rivian is a personal truck for basic pickup loads and a little more.
Tesla Truck is a really big truck.
No comparison….. they would attract different markets.
However unlike Tesla….. Rivian has a fully working prototype that they have tested in the field.
I would really like to see both go on full scale production like 10 years ago.

I realize you guys need to write articles that have the word Tesla in them but this article and video is just stupid.

Dang man, go find some EV info that is actually being built, used or at least bare minimum in an actual prototype R&D phase.

Inside EV’s can do better than this, or at least I always thought so but with articles like this, really starting to doubt you guys credibility at reporting real EV news worthwhile to read or watch. I think you hurt yourself when you run stuff like this.

It’s starting to get more Tesla commentary than EV agnostic reporting…


I think that’s just the result of them currently selling 85% of the BEV’s in the US. A lot of people reading this that own new BEV’s own Tesla’s. I’m a Tesla owner though, and I’d even prefer them to stop grasping at Tesla straws for their articles. I didn’t actually read the article, I’m just reading the comments. It says something, when the comments are more interesting than the article.

@Bunny said: “I realize you guys need to write articles that have the word Tesla in them but this article and video is just stupid. Dang man, go find some EV info that is actually being built…”

Thankfully INSIDEEVs also covers non-production EV news… like Rivian.

If inside EVs reported on only “EV info that is actually being built” then Telsa would be even more news prominent… because Tesla is producing more EVs than all other car makers combined.

And yes Tesla is often mentioned in “coming soon” EVs (like Rivian) news because like it or not Tesla is currently the EV King Kong to be naturally compared against… often by the “coming soon” competitors themselves.

To INSIDEEVs credit in posting the above video INSIDEEVs did clearly context it by saying:

“…details on the Tesla truck are scarce (we’ve yet to even see it, just some crazy renders), beyond a few comments made mostly on Twitter by Elon Musk… none of that’s officially official yet, whereas Rivian’s figures seem quite a bit more set in stone…”

I thought that since Rivian has 2 vehicles that they’d be considered here PRODUCTION evs.

Unlike the Atlis joke, or the Telsa (seems like xxxxx-envy to me – don’t we get enough of that with jacked up gasoline models?) at least Rivian has the 2.

Maybe it is just a slow news month.

In what sense can the Rivians be considered “production” vehicles? How many per week are they building and selling? When do we reasonably expect that number to be over, say, 100?

Pre production models- ready for production Lou

IN that they have 2 vehicles that will drive down the street. Of course a Placard photo shopped that you can put on your bumper (ATLIS) can make you just imagine you are driving an electric truck.

With that kind of competition- in that sense I’d say Rivian is considered a production vehicle HERE. I didn’t say I considered it one.

Is there a way I can obey the rules of this site and upvote Bunny’s comment about 100 times?

Seriously, this is crap content, and there’s no way it should be on this site. What is the editorial mission here? “Post at least X stories per day that mention Tesla no matter what”?

When I was writing and editing at various computer magazines, if I handed in an article like this my editor would have killed it quicker than you can imagine. And if a writer handed it in to me it would have been the same result.

Let me say this as clearly as I can: At this stage in EV development, we desperately need a site that covers all aspects of EVs in depth. This site used to do a terrific job of that, but it has lost its way, and is quickly becoming the EV equivalent of slashdot.

PLEASE do whatever is necessary to get your tight editorial focus back.

Like the VW article few hours ago about e Tron is failing due model 3-

Thanks Bunny thinking’s the same

Clearly the Rivian is the better truck, because, well, it’s the only truck in this comparison.
The Tesla? Well, just a wet dream at this point (See how I didn’t call it vapourware? The Tesla fanbois just can’t handle that ;))

Congratulations for not misusing the word vaporware for an upcoming product. You must have put a lot of thought in that.

Well, the distinction between vapourware and a valid future product announcement is rather blurry… I’d say the difference is in whether it’s just something they *hope* to bring to market, or something that has a solid chance of actually making it to market.

At this time, I’d say the only thing that makes the Tesla Truck more than vapourware is Tesla’s track record…

Comparing barely real stuff with something totally imaginary… come on, give me a break, take it more serious!!!
Don’t become other ”CleanTechnica” to post articles about Elon Musk’s movies recommendations!

Some YouTubers are desperate for hits.
We don’t have to stoop so low.


I love Tesla, but they need a new designer chief, Tesla truck looks like a Russian military truck, it will be great technological speaking but the design always falls short.
Model S ugly front until face lifting
Model 3 could be nicer inside with a simple speedometer driver side.
Truck Russian design
Roster nice design but compare with the super cars than coming next year.

The photo is just a fan render. We have no idea what the Tesla truck is going to look like other than a vague claim from Elon that it will be a blade runner inspired cyberpunk truck.

And it will be huge; Musk said that it will feature a step that will lower to step into the truck and he said that Andre the Giant will be able to fit in the driver’s seat.

I’m sure he can fit in it now if the box he is in hasn’t decomposed too much.

I hate pro wrestling and even I miss Andre the Giant. Can we not talk about his decomposition?

really? He was into Music? I never knew that he was a composer.

Actually, assuming that Tesla looked like that, I would be happy.
That is most likely a WORK truck, not a goat-roper truck.
As such, that will sell WELL since there is nothing in that space.

However, that photo is, as Cypress says, a fan render.

Alright, I admit I haven’t watched the video yet, but how do you compare something with known specs and which has a production ready prototype in testing vs a dream yet to be?

“we welcome not one, but two electric pickup trucks onto the EV scene.“

There is really only 1. The Rivian. Otherwise don’t just count Tesla. You would need to count Also what the Ford and GM EV trucks they have said are in the works, as well as the Atlis truck.

you also aren’t giving Workhorse credit for the range extend plug-in EV truck they are working on.

You forgot Bollinger.

However, having the most advanced prototypes doesn’t mean they actually have the biggest chance at getting to market. Given their startup status, I suspect either of these have a larger chance of failing to deliver than Tesla.

What about the bollinger b1/b2 at least they have specs and are in the same class as the rivian.

Atlas may be closer to reality as well.

Huh? May the best photo shopper win!

It’s called Atlis — and it is by far the *furthest* from reality. Tesla is pretty much a safe bet, although it will take a few years. Bollinger and Rivian prototypes look promising, but you never really know with new startups. Atlis on the other hand doesn’t seem to have anything at all beyond aspirations, pretty renders, and some initial dabbling in battery technology…

Im not convinced that it will take years to get that out. MY, and possibly the Semi, is/are coming this year. I suspect that next year will be the truck && roadster.

According to the latest earnings call, both Model Y and Semi will start initial production early next year, and ramp throughout the year. I don’t expect the Roadster or pickup in production before 2021 at least…

Sorry that’s Atlis. There’s also one called Workhorse that’s tradesperson orientated.

You know, a Rivian to Bollinger comparison, I would’ve actually read. They’re much more comparable.

Completely agree. At least with a Bollinger/Rivian comparison there are specs that can be compared and actually mean something to someone.

Not sure if Tesla is aiming for a pickup that big. I was looking at the render and even though it is just the artist’s guess I was looking at the single door on the side and then realized what a great idea it was. Suppose the driver and front passenger seats were designed to swivel about 200° so the seats were relatively close to the windshield and you could pivot around to face the back seat passengers. Get in the vehicle, sit facing the rear, swing around to face the front to drive. This arrangement leaves a lot more room in the back for a full sized bed (or at least about 7ft.) Much better use of available space!

Stupid article. Tesla pickup is not even out. It’s hyperbole

Does not matter it is all Vaporware.

4.5′ long bed?! Useless. Let me know when either of them can move a sheet of plywood or drywall.

I kind of agree. I love the utility of my F250 with a long bed. It is a beast most of the time though and I opt for the smaller EVs to drive most of the time.. The thing is, contrary to what you or I would use a pickup for – building stuff and hauling sheet goods to the job site- most people just want a big macho machine to tower over the other traffic with.

You guys all take yourselves way too seriously – give it a rest. Eric was throwing out something to spark conversation and conjecture (which it did obviously) – no more no less. my god.

The front of the Rivian has the look of a Cabbage Patch doll.
No aerodynamics consideration has gone into this vehicle whatsoever.
You could stick the radiator of a Ford or Dodge or Chevy or whatever
on the front of this and it would look the same. What a missed
opportunity. No aerodynamics but look we’ve given you a flashlight
that pulls out of the door. Oooh.
It’s tunnel storage looks smaller than was under the back seat of
my VW double cab. (c.1994)
VW have a prototype electric camper out, maybe they’ll slap a
pickup body on the same chassis?