Alex on Autos Checks Out Rivian R1T


The hype is real!

The Rivian R1T all-electric pickup truck really shocked the world at its debut. We just can’t get enough of it, so we were happy to see the Alex from the Alex on Autos YouTube channel spending some time with it. As you can see in the footage above, he manages to find features that have escaped the eyes of many.

Like ourselves, Alex is super-impressed by the truck. So much so that he actually put his money where his mouth is, placing a $1,000 deposit on it. Though the 7 minutes he spends on his walkaround here is short — there’s even a bit of footage of the company’s R1S SUV near the end — he helps put the vehicle size and timeline into perspective.

Not unlike Tesla, the company plans on building its highest spec version, the one with the 180-kWh battery, first. Alex says that should happen in the next 18 to 24 months, so look for first deliveries to happen closer to the end of 2020 than the beginning. The base $69,000, 105-kWh R1T, he says, will follow afterward, but doesn’t give a specific time target.

Speaking of deposits, we wonder if any of our readers have made that sort of financial commitment yet. Let us know in Comments if you have, and of course, fill us in on your plans in the Rivian section of the InsideEVs Forum. Enjoy!

Video description:

Looking for a rugged pickup truck with a plug? Rivian has an R1T for that, well, they will sometime in 2020… Aside from the long lead here there’s a great deal to be excited about.

The truck is about the size of the Chevy Colorado, but power figures are more like Dodge’s muscle car lineup. You’ll get 402 HP in the base model and top trims will get your choice of 700 horsepower and the biggest battery or 754 HP with the mid-level high-performance battery. 

The big-boy model should scoot this nearly three-ton truck from 0-60 in 3 seconds. Range? Up to 400 miles if you get the big battery. Onboard charging is courtesy of an 11 kW charger and it’ll support the latest SAE fast charge standard for up to a 160 kW fast-jolt giving you 355 miles of range after an hour at the charger. The only problem? It’s 18-24 months away…

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So the AC inverter is 2.1KW after all. Nice.

“Tesla and other car companies that sell electric vehicles in China are sending information about the precise location and whereabouts of citizens to the Chinese government” The Associated Press reported Thursday Oh, Big Brother!

And the US?

The article makes it pretty clear that this specific program is not for surveillance, as the government has better means for that… (Such as tracking cars in general, or simply tracking smartphones.)

Relevance to this article? Seriously?

Would be nice if there were actual(non-CGI) videos of the thing driving.
What would also be nice is if it supported 350kW charging….
IMO with a 180kWh battery, 160kW is too slow. 350kW(like some of those EA chargers), would bring us to 80% in 25 minutes. Which is enough that you could likely pull a heavy trailer(like a tiny-house) and you won’t be much slower than a diesel in terms of time spent fueling.

Or, someone could come up with a network of 11kW charging unit’s at truck stops and such, so that people can pull in to sleep in their tiny-houses or RV’s or such while traveling, and the vehicles would be charging at night.

Would not take much work, each parking spot would be 45 feet long, 9 feet wide, and would have a solar canopy 16 feet above the surface. Each parking space could fit 20 solar panels(SolarWorld SW345 to be exact), enough for a 6.9kW array.
20 of such spots would be enough for a 138kW array. A 138kW array would be enough to put out 621kWh per day, enough to fully charge 4.5 trucks per day(the 3 battery options average out to 140kWh). That’s without a grid connection at all.

While faster charging surely would be nice for such a large battery, it would require a more expensive 800 V system…

Also, the cells might not be capable of higher charging speeds.

I have one in my shopping cart, haven’t hit the buy button yet.

Not really my cup of tea but it is a nice futuristic spin on a pickup truck. It also seems like a rather safe bet, design wise, by not trying to be completely different with the pickup and SUV design. For example, I don’t think too many people look at a Model X and think “Oh big SUV. Just like my Jeep, Tahoe…., but electric”.

Interesting that they did some cool innovations that haven’t been done by GM, Ford, Dodge. You know those guys spend a lot of time and energy on their pickups and they still got skunked.

Aren’t these innovations all more or less directly linked to the electric power train?…

As for design, the Model X is *functional* (aerodynamics); while this one is polarising just because it can… Which is a dumb policy in this case IMHO: they need to appeal to as much of the potential market as they can, rather than trying to stand out in a market that they have pretty much to themselves…

Sure some of them are, some not so …

Polarising to you, non-polarising at all to many others …. keep your mind open, it’s important when any disruption being under way. I, for example, cannot care less about autonomous cars and their development, but that does not mean that I throw the whole EV disruption under the bus, and it also doesn’t mean that one day I will actually need the autonomy very much ….

I put down a deposit as soon as I saw the reveal. Have been following this company for a while hoping they would be putting out a truck I could use, this definitely exceeded my expectations. Nice looking, great performance and good battery choices. Luckily, I have 2 years to save up.

Did Rivian send you a confirmation email after making the payment?

The frunk mitigates some of the bed length shortness.

This is an Excellent Pickup for the Posers on the highway.
Vastly more performance and refinement than an F150, a Luxury Performance Pickup, especially for people who actually never us the pickup bed.

Perfect minus the price. At $69,000 I could not even afford the base. If fully autonomous ever comes out, then me and the wife would only need one car and maybe could afford something like this. I love it though.