Rivian R1S & R1T Electric SUV & Truck Featured In Fully Charged: Video

JAN 12 2019 BY MARK KANE 23

With such incredible electric SUVs and pickups, buyers will be abandoning passenger cars.

Rivian with its two all-electric models – R1S and R1T – was trully the star of the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The promised performance, range and premium touch of Rivians is beyond anything we’ve seen so far. Moreover, the cars look very mature and refined – not like one-off fancy concepts.

Here is a very interesting episode of Fully Charged, which left us speechless about how great the electric future of automobiles is. Exciting times ahead and let’s keep our fingers crossed for Rivian.

“Automotive startups always need to be viewed with a little caution, but as Jonny Smith discovers, Rivian have presented a very convincing launch. A large SUV and pick up truck at the LA motor show. Most impressive.”

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Great 👍

Too big for me. CR-V size would be perfect.

I said the same thing but use our 3 row a lot in our Explorer

Too small for me. Suburban size would be perfect. Alas, there is no BEV alternative.

I’m sure if they are successful, they can then develop smaller versions.

But for the price point they are in, they need to be in the size class they are targeting because that is where the majority of ICE SUV’s are that are priced similarly.

They seem to have dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s with this offering.

Agree. Rivian appears to have their act together. Will be interesting to see what the Tesla pick-up turns out to be.

Wow, after the TM3 is paid for it looks like Rivian may be my next car. Big question mark for me is on the road charging. But not a major concern as I would expect that I would travel long distance in the Tesla and use the SUV at the house. At least for the most part.

Really impressive.

VW (Electrify America) should have a nice charging network in place for everyone to use for road travel about the time this ships 🙂

This is a very heavy, expensive, large and, long range vehicle for use “at the house”. Even the base model with about 100 kWh claims to have over 200 miles of range. You can even dig up your yard with this SUV; the Rivian people at the L.A. auto show said it will be able to run the wheels on opposite sides in opposite directions like a skid steer and really dig up the landscape not to mention make tight u-turns leaving its rubber signiture on the road.

The SUV version seems to be their better offering of the two in my opinion. I’m surprised they’ve buried this behind the truck version in their promotions

Agree, I think it will outsell their truck 2-3 to 1.

Agree, which is probably why it is coming second, probably easier to build the truck. I would buy either though, remember, a truck like their pickup is plenty comfortable for 5 people, they are much wider than cars.

I agree; I can’t figure out why they are promoting the R1T over the R1S. Seems like a bigger market for the latter, given that the R1T doesn’t have a cargo bed long enough to qualify as a real pickup. (I call it an SUT, like the Honda Ridgeline.)

Perhaps they expect the R1T to get into production sooner?

I think the controversial vertical lights could be mitigated with a blackout kit for the horizontal running lights, leaving just the horizontal running lights, and the vertical drive lights.

Or just let the look grow on folks over time. It will become less controversial


“blackout kit for the horizontal running lights”
should be

“blackout kit for the vertical running lights”

I really like Rivian, their attention to detail is established automaker good.

It’s good to see Rivian get the attention which I think this startup deserves! I think they are the first EV startup (outside China) since Tesla to have a real shot at surviving long-term.

Go Rivian!

I like the R1S, but I would like to see it be able to charge at 350kW, then the 180kWh pack could get an 80% charge in 25 minutes….

Around 15:20 in the video, did you catch the $100k reaction? Sounds like the $70k version is going to be as elusive as a $35k TM3.

Where can I sell my soul for one of those?

Volvo was the Swedish brick. Now we have our own flying brick.

They both appear to be too good to be True. I wish both were a bit larger ie: like A Suburban and a p/up bed large enough for a sheet of plywood.