Ritz-Carlton Half-Moon Bay Offers Tesla Driving Experience Package


The Ritz-Carlton Half-Moon Bay resort in Northern California now offers a Tesla Driving Experience Package.

According to Ritz-Carlton, the Tesla package includes spa and fitness facilities, as well as access to a Tesla Model S for the duration of your stay.

Additional details include the following:

Ritz-Carlton Half-Moon Bay Details

Ritz-Carlton Half-Moon Bay Details

As Driving The Nation explains:

“Prior to your stay, you will be connected with Tesla via email to manage the Model S orientation, delivery and pick-up. Tesla will either deliver the car to the property and complete the orientation on site or the customer will pick up the Model S from Tesla Burlingame and complete the orientation prior to picking up the car.”

Ritz-Carlton Half-Moon Bay is a luxury resort and as such, nightly stays are expensive, but if you’d like to try out a Model S for a few days while staying at a top-notch resort, then the Tesla Driving Experience Package may meet your needs.

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scott franco (No M3 FAUX GRILL!)

“Ritz-Carlton Half-Moon Bay is a luxury resort”

No, $200 is a luxury hotel. $1000 is a “let them eat cake” resort.

We go to the RV park right next door to the RC.

It costs…… $50 a night. That’s right, same location, same beach, same view, etc.

Rich people… grrrrrr……

I bet the RC doesn’t pay a dime for the Model S. As GM found out with the Volt, the way to sell an EV is to put it in the hands of someone for a weekend.

Way back in the 70’s, I remember Half Moon Bay as a sleepy ocean-side community with a harbor filled with commercial fishing boats manned by Portuguese fishermen – not Ritz Carlton material.

The Bay Area ain’t what it used to be.

It still is. HMB is a great place to pick up fresh fish off the docs, the boats sell live right from their lockers onboard. We got a crab there and walked back to a restaurant with it in hand and they cooked it up and served it on the spot, much to the amusement of the other diners.

The RC is way south of the harbor on the coastline next to a high end Carmel wannabe golf course.

I fly into HMB, the airport is KHAF. In the age of GPS, you can do an approach down to 309 feet off the ground, sufficient to beat the fog that almost constantly covers the bay. Its not much if you like beaches, but HMB is a great seaside town.

Checking for dates in August, Ocean View rooms are $809 per night and valet parking is $47 so the car is around $150/day.

Did some rate searches, from what I can see the $959 is probably just a teaser rate offered on a handful of random slow Mon-Wed nights…With fees, taxes and gratuities for breakfast, valet and bellhop, if one’s lucky enough to get that rate you’re still at around $1200/night out the door per night…Overall does save some money and due to this partnership you can avoid the conversation with the valet about charging, I’d imagine they have exclusive Tesla charging spots…

for 130$ a day i get it here in austria from blitzzcar

Or, I could just drive my Prius while I have the LLLOOONNNGGG wait for my Model 3 to get built. I’d like mine in a medium blue shade, please.