Rimac To Supply Battery Pack For Upcoming Aston Martin AM-RB 001

FEB 16 2017 BY MARK KANE 7

Aston Martin and Red Bull Advanced Technologies will unveil from the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto their concept hypercar, the AM-RB 001.

Any while our interest in the AM-RB 001 is totally non-existent, (as it doesn’t plug-in, so it is dead to us), its battery supplier does – Rimac Automobili.

Rimac Automobili battery pack

It’s been announced that the Croatian company who currently hand-build very limited, very high performance all-electric sports cars, will now also provide battery for the AM-RB 001.

Given that Rimac is currently only making eight of its Concept_One EVs, to be followed by two special edition Concept_S in 2018, and then a new, unnamed EV thereafter (but only at a maximum capacity of 20 units annually), the company definitely needed both this additional revenue stream, and some deeper/volume production.

“The original full-size concept model of the AM-RB 001 will be located at the Toronto Star stage on the 300 Level of the North Building at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre during the public days of the Auto Show.  Aston Martin Toronto and Aston Martin Uptown Toronto, part of the Grand Touring Automobiles Group of Companies, will also be showcasing the new Aston Martin DB11 at the Canadian International Auto Show.

The public viewing days for the Canadian International Auto Show will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre between February 17th and 26th. “

Only 150 units to be build (beginning from 2019) with additional 25 track-only versions.

2016 Rimac Concept_One

About the technical partners:

“The heart of every Aston Martin is its engine. Never more so than in the AM-RB 001, which is why it has been entrusted to legendary engine builder, Cosworth. An illustrious name with an impeccable motorsport pedigree, the UK-based company will bring all its Formula One and high performance production engine experience to bear in the design and manufacture of the AM-RB 001’s bespoke, high-revving 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine.

Rimac Concept_S – only two to be built in 2018

Mated to AM-RB 001’s all-new engine is a bespoke 7-speed paddle-shift transmission. Designed and manufactured by Ricardo, to Red Bull Advanced Technologies’ specification, the gearbox will be the perfect partner to Cosworth’s V12. Conforming to the radical hypercar’s ethos of minimal mass and maximum efficiency and led by Red Bull Advanced Technologies’ simulation work, Ricardo will deploy intelligent engineering solutions to achieve Newey’s uncompromising goals.

Not content with commissioning the ultimate road-legal internal combustion engine, the AM-RB 001 also boasts a lightweight hybrid battery system supplied by Rimac. Acknowledged as world-leaders in high-performance battery technology, the Croatian-based company has showcased its capabilities with the innovative Concept-One: the world’s first – and fastest – all-electric hypercar.”

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

The car????……..meh.

The chic in the pic???? +10


Your’e saying she has curb appeal?


She Has Curve Appeal..


She has no ass. And she’s wearing heels. Heels make your ass look bigger, and it still looks small.



She must be cold…


What is a “hybrid battery”?
Jay, please ask Mark to update the article to explain what they mean by that. I suspect it has absolutely nothing to do with EVs — maybe they’re using a Li-ion battery as the 12V one, like one can buy for various motorcycles/cars to replace OEM units and save weight.
If so, the article doesn’t belong on the site.

Jay Cole

Hey wavelet,

Article states this doesn’t plug-in, so this is a HV battery separately recharged via the ICE for the purpose of adding performance (which is a requirement now in this space for obvious reasons). There has been a specific spec dropped on the pack yet (AFIAK).

Which yes, we don’t cover non-plugins on their own merits (as the article takes great pains to express), but it is significant to the EV business, as it represents a significant contract to a small EV-only automaker (Rimac), who most likely desperate needs to provide these kinds of solutions to other OEMs to keep their EV aspirations alive. It’s akin to covering Tesla Energy products…its got nothing to do with plug-in vehicles, but it is akin/important to the EV business in a related/indirect way.