Rimac Electric Hypercar Does 0 To 60 MPH In 1.85 Seconds


Rimac has released a new teaser image/video showing off the front end of its upcoming electric hypercar, claimed to rival the new Tesla Roadster.

***UPDATE: March 6 – In a new teaser video attached at the top, Rimac announced that its new electric hypercar sizzles from 0 to 60 MPH in a record-shattering time of 1.85 seconds. That’s even quicker than the new Tesla Roadster.

**UPDATE: March 5 – In a new teaser video attached above, Rimac has announced the unbelievable power its new electric hypercar will have: 1,914 hp.

UPDATE: February 28 – Rimac has released a second teaser video, attached right below, and this time it’s substantially more revealing.  Rimac states:

On March 6th, 14:30 at Geneva International Motor Show, the most important automotive stage, we will introduce you to the next generation of hypercar performance – a car, quite literally, alive with technology. 

Stand by.

It will be fully revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The new Tesla Roadster boasts impressive performance figures:

  • Top speed of 250+ miles per hour
  • Range of 620 miles
  • 0-60 mph time of 1.9 seconds

We think Rimac will be shooting to hit or exceed at least a couple of those marks with its new electric hypercar, though no specs have been released by the automaker.

We do know that Rimac’s current electric car, the Concept_One produces 1,224 horsepower and 1,180 pound-feet  of torque, allowing for a 0-60 mph time of just 2.5 seconds, and a top speed of 220 mph. Electric range is approximately 200 miles. The new car is expected to exceed those specs.

We’ll find out more in March when the car hits the stage. Production is expected to begin shortly after its debut.

Previously Released Rimac Teaser

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If they’re able to deliver before the new Roadster, then their target to beat will be the top end Model S, not the new Roadster which is still over two years away.

@Taylor S Marks said: “If they’re [Rimac] able to deliver before the new Roadster, then their target to beat will be the top end Model S, not the new Roadster…”


The hyper car world was instantly disrupted when the Tesla Roadster rolled out of the Tesla Semi.

The current reality is that Tesla Roadster is now the new benchmark performance #s wise for hyper cars. Yes it can be said that it’s not a fair reality because the Roadster is two years out from production but reality is often not fair.

Rimac will still get those buyers that can afford to add the latest Rimac to their exotic collection… it’s a cool EV hyper car that is top-shelf quality.

But as a daily driver hyper car that happens to be king-of-hill performance wise the Tesla Roadster wins that contest by a long shot… and because of Roadster’s relative low pricing it will also eat into Porsche’s market share.

The future Roadster hasn’t even been seen at a real race track, but you say this:


The hyper car world was instantly disrupted when the Tesla Roadster rolled out of the Tesla Semi.”

Maybe you want to change the definition of “hyper car”? Tesla does that with all sorts of words, like “horsepower”, for example.

Please, try and keep the fan’dom in check. Since when does vapor become the “benchmark”?

@pjwood said: “The future Roadster hasn’t even been seen at a real race track… Since when does vapor become the “benchmark”?“

Vapor-Car (a car that has been advertised but is not yet available to buy, either because it is only a concept or because it has not yet entered production) can indeed set benchmarks in the mind of buyers…

ONLY IF the company behind the vapor-car has a reputation of actually following through brining that car into production within the performance specs advertised. Most traditional car companies have a reputation of vapor-cars never making it to market as initially advertised.

The market knows the Roadster that Tesla showed off is near production intent with perhaps upped performance and cosmetic specs by when it enters production.

That’s the reason the Tesla Roadster has a large book of paid reservations… and why it’s the new benchmark.

“ONLY IF the company behind the vapor-car has a reputation of actually following through brining that car into production within the performance specs advertised. Most traditional car companies have a reputation of vapor-cars never making it to market as initially advertised.”

AFAIK most car companies actually beat the stats they initially advertised. Sure sometimes the cars look different in their pure concept form, but show me one car that actually had worse specks, than advertised.

Tesla on the other hand is known for being super late on their projected time frames. So a 2020 car could easily also be a 2022 car.

Other than that I agree, the Roadster, while mostly being vaporware right now, is the new benchmark.

“show me one car that actually had worse specks, than advertised.”


Wrong, the transportation world as a whole was disrupted the second personal flying automated helicopters were shown to the public.

No one gives a crap about some land based car and it’s pathetic need to only go where there are roads… Well, no one but Tesla fanboys and their mouth breathing ground driving sadness.

pjwood1 said:

“Since when does vapor become the ‘benchmark’?”

It doesn’t.

And since when has any Tesla car qualified as “vaporware”?

They don’t.

I could go on, but I’d just be repeating what CDAVIS said. Your anti-Tesla bias is showing, Pjwood1.

Rather than settling this with our various views on Tesla let’s settle this on the track!

I like Tesla, but you guys are such Elon fanboys that you make Tesla fanboys look bad!
You are such fanboys that you have to put down another very innovative company.
Rimac was able to use gearboxes with electric motors and torque vectoring before Tesla, Tesla tried using a gearbox with the original Roadster and it kept breaking.

You’re talking about two cars (Original Roadster and Concept One) like they were competing when the Roadster was ten times cheaper than the Rimac.

This new Rimac will be great and so will be the new Roadster but let’s wait for final specs before bashing about one or the other. I personally think they belong to different markets.

By the conventions of EV fans, the Roadster is vapor ware, so was the Model 3, Model X and Model S at some point.

Cars promised with certain specks, that aren’t developed yet.

Orther car companies have started to do this as well, though. Nowadays it’s not enough to just develop a car until it’s ready. An OEM has to have 3 reveals before…

No anti-Tesla bias, PP. There are enough car enthusiasts visiting this site, not to treat the term “hyper car” too loosely.

The definition deserves more integrity, than a hypothetical drag race. I was disagreeing with CDAVIS.

Not sure I’ve really seen either the 1st Gen or 2nd Gen Rimac at the track, either. So I guess Vaporware wins the day. (for now).

One thing, if someone buys the new RIMAC they will not look silly if a Roadster 2 pulls up beside it.

It will at-least keep up with the Roadster 2, on the other-hand those other million dollar+ car can not keep up with either of these machines.

We need more electric machines that will trash if ICE super-cars.

“It will at-least keep up with the Roadster 2…”

Well, its claimed 0-60 time “keeps up with” the claimed 1.9 second 0-60 time for the Roadster Mk II.

The reality may prove to be somewhat different. Tesla has proven it can deliver on promised 0-60 times. Rimac has yet to demonstrate it can.

Based on Rimac’s past work, they are one company I think can keep up.

If I liquidate my assets I could afford to buy a Roadster 2, however I will never get close to the money needed for a Rimac (any version).

I think Tesla is the future, but I will not put down what Rimac has also done.

There is One Problem,If he should come close to the Tesla Specs….The Car will Cost out @ over $1m for starters ..Which will be @ Least 5X’s the Price of the Tesla Roadster & for What? an Unknown Name??????

You always seem to be the expert.

Can you provide a breakdown of the costs to support your claims, or is this another stain on the seat of your chair?

This is old information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rimac_Concept_One

8 Rimac Concept Ones were sold at about $1M each. Reasonable expectation is that this new one will cost even more.

Thank You , Couldn’t explained these Facts better myself..

So you’ve never heard of Rimac? Is that really what you’re saying?

Rimac is not an unknown name. I can guarantee that everyone seriously planning to purchase an exotic sports car over $1M knows about Rimac.

You’ve got that right. Everyone in Croatia knows the name. Almost as big as 2cellos.

“The Car will Cost out @ over $1m for starters ..Which will be @ Least 5X’s the Price of the Tesla Roadster & for What? an Unknown Name??????” Okay, but let us please remember that at one time Tesla was an “unknown name” whose first car was a high-end “supercar”. Now, the original Roadster wasn’t a million-dollar car; it was “only” about a $110,000 car. But that’s still quite a bit of money for a car buyer to risk on a startup auto maker, one which back in 2008-10 had no guarantee of being around for long. Tesla sold only ~2450 units of its original Roadster, before going on to achieve a stellar success with its very popular and amazingly well-reviewed Model S, four years after starting sales of the Roadster Mk I. Perhaps we should give Rimac some time to show they can succeed, too, before we casually dismiss them, as so many did with Tesla in its early days. If there is room in the high-end gasmobile “supercar” market for not only Ferrari, but also Lamborghini and Bugatti and Alfa Romeo and Pagani and a few others, then I think there should be, and soon will be, room… Read more »

Thing is that Elon Musk is purposefully toying with hyper car makers like Rimac… Tesla’s released performance #s for Roadster are sand-bagged.

How do you know? Do you wok at Tesla?
Any info on the Roadster 2 battery chemistry?

Rimac has done electrification of cars for a long time I cant wait to see there hyper car, for me Rimac is more interesting than seeing fx. a Mercedes hyper car

Everyone knows that Concept_One is THE beast at the moment while Roadster 2 is just vaporware.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Yup, really nothing to compare yet.

When it does come out, and a comparison is done, they need to make sure the “cost as compared” is included.

Just don’t have the people at Top Gear do the testing, we want fair and true tests. And we want the cars back in one piece each.

Existing prototype with actual performance numbers that Elon says they’re achieving NOW and downplays as “base”.

Not that I doubt Rimac, but so far we have seen the reveal of the Roadster2 giving actual ride alongs and what appears to be 0-60 1.9sec demonstrations over and over. Rimac, on the other hand has shown their concept at the auto show and published some figures, but has anyone actually seen footage of the vehicle driving?
Rimac is happy to go for the exclusive, $mil market and more power to them, but Tesla will produce the vehicle that Joe average can actually aspire to own. Quite different markets, both are awe inspiring.
Now compare that to a Mercedes hyper car they showed late last year. The only thing awe inspiring about that was the fact they can make such a complicated car work at all. Those engineers must be feeling quite distraught by the effort they have gone through making such a complicated vehicle, only to be thoroughly out classed by such comparatively simple EV’s.

Comparing a Tesla Roadster 2.0 to tje Rimac would be like comparing a Corvette to Aston Martin or a McLaren. Different cars for different audiences. A typical Aston Martin customer is not into the HP/0-60/Top Speed bragging rights war. So I’m glad that in two years we’ll have both + probably something from Aston Martin and Faraday Future. I think we’re at the tipping point where Hypercar customers would beggin to accept that “noisy”, “smelly”, “vibrating” are not desired attributes for the ultimate car. By the way I was at a Beach driveway a few months ago and there was a guy in a Porsche that insisted in putting his car in neutral and accelating to be noticed…the crowd faces were priceless…while maybe he thought he was the “cool” guy everybody around agreed that he was just being ridiculous

Damn, it is starting to get harder and harder to be a PetolHead.

If you think Faraday Future is ever going to produce a car, then you clearly don’t know much about the company.

Other than that, I found your comments pretty interesting, so thanks!

As much as gasoline addicts wax eloquent on the merits of shifting and noise, when Tesla brings the Roadster 2 to market, The extreme car market is going to have a moment of reckoning. Remain true to some of its most ardent supporters. many of whom say they’ll NEVER drive an electric, or create electrics/hybrids alongside their gassers to stay relevant.

Rimac, Tesla and a few others are ‘proving’ the future of the performance electric and they’re JUST getting started!

I don’t know if the Mission-E has a stick-shift but the so-called music of a loud engine to prove your worth is going to die a quick death.

I dunno; there is something to be said for the excitement created by the roar of a high-octane engine. That’s one thing that Formula E fans miss.

I can easily see that it might become a “thing” for high-performance EVs to have sound recordings of the roar of a high-octane engine piped thru its sound system, and perhaps even have external speakers mounted to generate that noise.

That’s not to say that I think a jerk revving his Porsche’s engine at a public beach just to attract attention is going to be appreciated. People don’t visit a public beach to hear the roar of high-octane car engines. And I’ve never been impressed by how “macho” it is to press on a gas pedal hard enough to make such a car go “VROOM! VROOM!” A slight young girl could achieve that quite easily.

“That’s not to say that I think a jerk revving his Porsche’s engine at a public beach just to attract attention is going to be appreciated”…once whe get rid of this morons Bikers will became the next target 🙂 (I just can”t stand the noise they make when they pass you by). Regarding formula E…I actually thing that the roar these cars produce is very cool

Without either arriving, we can speculate the philosophical difference between these two cars. One company empowering its drivers. The other less so. The Roadster **could** show up with independent torque vectoring, multi-valved coil-overs, and a battery whose weight is somehow not proportional to “200KWh”. I won’t hold my breathe, though. Patterns become leopard spots.

Why does every car need to be classed as a Tesla competitor? Rimac is clearly not competing with Tesla, one has made 8 vehicles @ $1mil each, the other had made 100,000+ vehicles at >$200k each.
Rimac is making some, very limited, very expensive, collectors cars that also perform incredibly well, while Tesla is making mass market cars and trying to shift the traditional fossil fuel powered cars to the next level of zero emission cars.
I’m never going to own a Rimac, it’s interesting. I’m probably going to own a Tesla, that’s exciting.
And regardless what vehicle they make, some one will buy it. Look at the most ugly cars, they sold to someone. Look at the most expensive, same. Even crazy, limited FCEV, like Mirai, has sold.

“Why does every car need to be classed as a Tesla competitor?”

Long answer: Because journalists are taught to write “stories” with a “narrative”, rather than just reporting facts; and a story requires a conflict. So describing a non-Tesla car as offering “competition” to Tesla creates a conflict for the narrative, and thus a story.

Short answer: Because putting the word “Tesla” into the headline of an online article about a non-Tesla car generates more page views.

I was under the impression they weren’t aiming for the Tesla Roadster anymore since it’s too fast and has too much range for them to compete.

Has Rimac sold any car yet?… Or is just fooling arround with some teasers…

Yes they have. And delivered them.


Why are you saying it’s a rival for Tesla? What about Ferrari, McLaren etc.? They are the ones with multi-million-dollar track cars. You don’t even mention them. All you’re mentioning is a $250,000 Tesla that isn’t out for 2 years.

@Steve said: “What about Ferrari, McLaren etc.? …You don’t even mention them…”

Have Farrari or McLaren made public EV production target dates & specs?


Yes, its real competition is other $M sports cars. I would like to see these cars race on the same track together BEV vs ICE, not a race for electric and another for gas.


There are lots of video like this on auto shows. I am sure there will be more once they have produce this new car too.

That’s actually really interesting. Watch the youtube video of model 3 at Laguna Seca and it is very interesting seeing it compared to other ICE cars on the track. It seems the brakes let it down more than anything, and there are some pretty typical sports cars it has a good showing against. A bit of tuning and I think Model 3 will be an interesting track contender.
Of course the video could be misleading, but it is a good watch.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

A lot of big numbers flying around.

The numbers that do matter is the price.

We know the estimated price of the Roadster is ~200K, what’s the price for this thing?

When there is a critical mass of electric hypercars on the market, it will seem ridiculous to design new gas engines at great cost to achieve lower performance and greater maintenance and operating costs. So far from seeing this Rimac as unwelcome competition to Tesla, it should be welcomed as an ally in the fight against dinosaurs like Bugatti.

Also, Mate Rimac is really an inspiring guy. It’s incredible how he was able to put together his car company in Croatia and beat everyone else to the goal of the first ev hypercar.

His (and the company’s) accomplishment is all the more impressive when you consider they come from a country without a tradition of tech standards, or VC’s that are happy to provide millions of startup capital. They bootstrapped the company (now up to 330 people, AFAIK) by doing successful EV engineering projects for other companies, despite not being a known brand among automotive suppliers.
Maté;s success hasn’t seemed to go to his head, either: In every interview or video I’ve seen, he appears like a EV fan (more for performance reasons, rather than for green-ness) and straightforward engineer.

It’s hard to envision a gas engine putting out 2000 HP. Even then, electric has a wider usable powerband. A Tesla that’s significantly faster than all gas hypercars might not end gas hypercars, but a Rimac that’s significantly faster than that Tesla certainly will. The gas cars will no longer lose the race, because they won’t even be in the race.

I love everything about Rimac but please, please lose the nosecone fake grill. Please erase any resemblance and reference to the ICE powerplants of the past.

This car will crush everything including Tesla Roadster 2 and Bugatti Chiron.

Another Euro point of view

The truth is that with the coming of performances EVs the 0-60 mph performances do not mean that much anymore as it became a commodity. Anyone can make a quick EV in his garage.
Next it will be what ? TNT propelled cars ? Look I have a concept in my living room, it includes 1 kg of TNT right behind the driver’s seat. 0-60 mph performances ? 0.001 sec. Beats Rimac & Roadster hands down !!

Agreed. It’s all about grip. If you have enough grip you can do practically any time with an EV. Load it up with 1000 kW motors at each wheel and a whole bunch of LTO batteries or superconductors and you will get a super-fast EV! Of course it will be practically useless for everything else but who cares, right?

So maybe it’s time to do “top fuel” dragracing with EVs now? You only need power for a couple of hundred meters so a ton of superconductors should do it.

We need new metrics for EVs. Going around a track is a more interesting metric I think. For that you need continuous performance and good handling.

Think you mean… superCAPACITORS??

Did it come in an ACME crate? 😀

Lol @ butthurt Tesla fanboys 😀 Where’s your Roadster now?

Same place as the Rimac (oh, and VW I.D., and Mercedes EQ, and…and… You get the idea).