Rimac Provides New Details On Fiery Hammond Crash

JUN 20 2017 BY JEFF PEREZ 19

The company CEO gives more details on the incident.

Richard Hammond was involved in a serious accident last weekend while behind the wheel of a Rimac Concept_One electric supercar. It took place at the Hemburg Hill Climb event just after the finish line, and saw the car tumble down a cliff before bursting into flames. Thankfully, “Hamster” walked away mostly unharmed, apart from a fractured knee. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the car.

In an effort to detail the incident more fully, Rimac founder and CEO, Mate Rimac, has released more information in a statement delivered to the website Vidi Auto. In it, Rimac says that the car flew “300 meters (328 yards) horizontally and tumbled from a 100-meter (109 yards) height.” Continuing on, the CEO also made it a point to debunk previous reports citing false facts.

“After the first flight it fell on asphalt road 10 meters (11 yards) below the place where the fire started. I am not able to tell at which speed it was driven, but I cannot believe what nonsense has been written by people who have no idea, or are blind, or just mischievous.”

What we do know, apart from the details mentioned above, is that the accident will delay work on the Grand Tour season 2, according to Jeremy Clarkson. Clarkson and May will fill in for Hammond during upcoming shoots, and though he didn’t say when the new season would return, it likely won’t be ready in time for the proposed October premiere date.

The car in question, a 2018 Rimac Concept_One, produces 1,224 horsepower (900 kilowatts) and can reach 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in just 2.5 seconds. The electric supercar has claimed top speed of 221 mph (355 kmh) and a driving range of 217 miles (350 km).

Source: Vidi Auto

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It’s time for Hammond to come out and describe what he was attempting. Rimac shouldn’t be soaking this up.


are you *******, he lost control of the car, he wasn’t trying anything.

Crash and Burn Testing, all in one? Looks like maybe 2 stars on the crash, but Zero stars on the cars burn survivability! (For the car, anyway!)

john Doe

EVs with batteries using a flamable electrolyte burns well.

This is what’s left from a Tesla model S, burning during charging in january 2016 in Norway.


It’s so hot that all the aluminium parts melted, and only the steel was left in the end.


I guess it’s understandable since the person filming was unprepared for the crash, but I wish he or she had kept their cool and not stopped filming at the very moment something interesting happened..!

As it is, the video certainly doesn’t help clarify anything. But I guess I take his word for it – he would be exceptionally stupid to invent some false story here; after all, it will probably be on Amazon Prime for all to see soon, and even if not, loads of people saw it happen and the story will come out, including from Hammond himself if he escaped as well as it seems (and let’s hope so).


Perhaps Hammond is hush about the crash due to liability issues.

One thing is for sure, he went into the corner completely wrong and far too fast. By the skid marks on the road it appears he was in full lock up before going over the embankment and hit the brakes way late.

Whether the brakes malfunctioned or the accelerator stuck is another subject.

Otherwise, it just looks like he doesn’t know how to drive a car. The video shows him doing a test lap much slower, so maybe he was shocked at the brutal instant speed of car and freaked out a bit because he was instantly too far into the corner on the wrong line to complete it.


Sadly, I believe that Hammond is more worried about not scooping their TV show they were filming. So he probably won’t say anything publicly until they can show whatever episode this will end up in. Even if it hurts Rimac along the way.


Absolutely agree. Almost looked like he was set up to turn RIGHT, not LEFT coming into that corner.

John M



So he crashed after the finish line. That’s disappointing. He should have returned to safer speeds and acceleration.


Lesson to EV makers:

Don’t let these guys near your EV’s!!! It will not come out well for you. EV’s have not had good results in their hands.


This may turn as the best publicity for Rimac if finally is clear that was just a mistake of Hammond.
There is not such a thing as “bad publicity” except for the dieselgate of VW… this was pretty bad publicity.


Wow, that’s a lot of new details 😀

I do agree on this being bad publicity for Rimac because of what was very likely a mistake of Hammond. Would be nice if those douches would come out and say what happened.

paul smith

I’m sure the “douches” have more on their minds than responding to your anxiety needs.


The car appears to be built on a Koenigsegg design, the same design that Top Gear found to be unstable on their own test track and they created their own aerodynamic wing for.


They already have a higher down-force version of the car with a wing that Rimac uses for Pike’s Peak racing that can hold lateral g-force of 1.7 g:


The driver is responsible to race what he brought, not race the car he didn’t bring.


Are you trying to imply that the wreck is the car’s fault? Is every Porsche wreck the fault of Porsche because the driver didn’t buy a 911 GT3 with a wing and much more aggressive downforce, and higher performance brakes?


But those g-forces are a function of speed, and this was a slow corner.


Richard Hammond is delusional. He is NOT a professional racing driver.


Long story short, Hammond drives like a knob.