Rimac Eyes Global Markets

2016 Rimac Concept_One

MAR 2 2017 BY MARK KANE 13

Rimac Concept_S

2016 Rimac Concept_One

Rimac Automobili is eyeing global growth. The company was started in 2009 by Mate Rimac (now aged 28) in a garage in the town of Sveta Nedelja, Croatia, and has expanded to more than 200 employees today. In a new interview, Rimac talks about his plans, the ones that have been there from day one, and how Rimac’s global focus is paying off.

Currently, the company is hiring new workers and plans to open offices in several countries around the world to serve its customers, which include automakers like Aston Martin or Koenigsegg.

In the interview, Mate Rimac said:

We never thought locally, only globally. It was always clear that Croatia is not a market for our products. Going international from day one was the only way to success. I had a clear vision. … I brought together a top team and headed towards the realisation of my goals.

Along the way, Rimac Automobili not always was lucky with investors. The article mentions that the royal family in Abu Dhabi dropped financial backing offer during developments of Concept_One, because Mate refused to move his company to the Middle East. That forced the company to switch to looking at selling its technology and components to others in the automotive industry, instead of simply on developing and selling cars.

Today, Rimac Automobili is valued at around 70 million euro (about $74 million) and is in a position to become, in Rimac’s words, the “Ferrari of the 21st century.

Unlike other manufactures in the automotive industry, given the vertical integration, we produce all our components and systems by ourselves, starting from the initial idea, design, engineering and prototype to the finished product,” Rimac said.

So, what’s his recipe for success? There isn’t one, other than that in order to have a chance, you need to try. He said:

You must be willing to sacrifice and invest yourself entirely, in the financial and non-financial sense.

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I can’t believe Tesla isn’t bidding for Rimac, or a part of Rimac large enough to prevent other buyers from snapping it up. It would be a great division for the company and Rimac could do a lot with some serious funding plus access to cheaper cells from the GF. It would also stop an incumbent automaker from buying it.

There’s no money in supercars and I doubt Rimac has any technology that Tesla would want. On the other hand, maybe Rimac could do the next Tesla Roadster and $74 million is really pocket change for Tesla.

Yeah, independent wheel motor technology is, like super elegant.

I guess this concept is electric??

The concept one is more than a concept from what I have seen and yes, its all electric

And he is only 28 … makes me think very hard about what I’m doing with my life.

He had lots of funding and help.

Sure he has lots of funding & help , His Daddddy is Billionaire ..LMAO…..

He converted a BMW M3 to EV about ten years ago, got some press and investors. He still had to come up with the designs, but there are lots of mechanical engineers in east Europe.

If tesla was to make any acquisition I would suggest only the following two:-

1. Kreisle bros (Australia)
2. Rimac Automobil (Croatia)

The first one give them excellent battery tech…by the way they are the ones who pushed tesla to 100Kw!! Their packaging is excellent

The second one gives them a leg up on excellent torque hectoring and sports cars

The Kreisel Brothers are from AUSTRIA…
Man I hate that…

I am tired of hiring about how company should buy each other and in the end be just one big company, the best and most compatible way of creativity and driving the world forward is competition and not ending like the monopoly we see in the big car companies.

I Do not hope Tesla will buy Rimac, They have to follow there own mission, and Rimac has to follow his. And he is clearly dedicated, and leasing and producing technology to others Will give him enough money to follow his dream.

Rimac already outperformed the LaFerrari, so they are on the right track to outsell Ferrari in the future.