Rimac Developing An Even Higher Power EV To Come After Concept_One


These days, only getting to 62mph in two and a half seconds in your EV is just too pedestrian.

And as a result, Rimac Automobili’s COO Monika Mikac revealed to CarBuzz his plans for the development (and future delivery) of a new, improved all-electric model.

According to the interview, most of the Rimac’s current Concept_One EVs (of which, only eight will be made), are pre-sold (at ~$1.2 million a pop), and the delivery of the first plug-in supercar is scheduled for next month (March).

“Most of them are already pre-sold. The first car is just leaving to the customer, an American,”

2016 Rimac Concept_One and CEO of Rimac Automobili, Mate Rimac

The Rimac Concept_One is equipped with a 82 kWh battery (good for more than 200 miles of range) and four electric motors – putting out a total of 1,088 hp, with 0-62 mph coming up in about 2.6 seconds.

Following that car, a track-only Rimac Concept_S is also heading into super-limited production – with only in two units being built (at a cost of $1.6 million apiece). Those two deliveries are expected in 2018, as a full year is yet needed to build the offering.

More interesting however is the company’s plans for the future…once these current ~10 EVs are built and delivered.

The Croatian company intends to introduce an all new car, produced in higher numbers – this time up to about 20 units annually.  Making current customers not-so-happy we are sure, is the fact Rimac says the future EV will take things up a notch higher.

“…really exclusive and even more high-performance than the Concept One. It’ll be produced around 20 units per year.”

source: CarBuzz

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13 responses to "Rimac Developing An Even Higher Power EV To Come After Concept_One"
  1. (⌐■_■) Trollnonymous says:


  2. Eco says:

    Rimac is appealing to adrenaline junkies … I used to be one but that was about 40 years ago 🙂

  3. DJ says:

    Exactly how is this company supposed to make $? With basically revenue for a few years at $12.8 million I don’t see it happening.

    Hope they’ve got a crap ton of cash to burn through…

    1. David says:

      They sell drivetrains to OEM’s

  4. Some Guy says:

    An even more unaffordable EV! Way to save the planet Rimac!

    1. R.S says:

      How many EVs will you be building and selling next year? None?

      That just shows how little you care about planet Earth! Why don’t you just build a mass market EV?

  5. tftf says:

    “Hhs plans…”

    Hmm, Monika is a woman. And a good-looking one I might add…


    Refreshing to a see a female exec in the car business.

    1. WstrnMeadowlark says:

      It would be refreshing if someone could mention a female exec without highlighting their looks…

      1. tftf says:

        I knew I would get that comment.

        The refreshing part was not about the/her good looks – it’s good to see more female execs in this sector (even worse ratio in auto racing, too many old white men groupthink, eg. F1’s Bernie dinosaur….who is finally out of F1)!

  6. vdiv says:

    Well, if you want a mad EV from some really crazy Balkan engineers this seems to be yer bet. The Model S is becoming the new equivalent of a Zastava/Yugo 😉

  7. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    That’s an attractive model with some nice curves… and the car ain’t bad, either! 😉

    Dear Rimac:

    How about you concentrate on actually getting one model of EV into actual production, before you start bragging about how many different ones you’re gonna produce. Please don’t be like Faraday Future, promising the moon, the sun, and the stars, but never producing anything more than vaporware.

    1. floydboy says:

      I’ll take one of each!

  8. Jason says:

    Rimac : 8 × $1.2mil = ~$10mil
    Model S : ~29k × ~$67k = ~$1.9bil
    (Model 3 : ~100k × ~$35k = $3.5bil)

    If Rimac can do this and actually make a living, you should be seeing these exotic vehicles all the time. $10mil is peanuts in this arena, IMO. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    And you would think all the manufacturers would be falling all over themselves to build a Model S equivalent given the market seems to be ever expanding and viable.