Rimac Concept_One vs Bugatti Veyron – Croatia Coast Road Duel! (video)

DEC 24 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

Rimac Automobili founder Mate Rimac recently had chance to test drive the Bugatti Veyron, against his own Rimac Concept_One in a Croatia coast road duel.

Rimac Concept_One vs Bugatti Veyron – Croatia Coast Road Duel!

Rimac Concept_One vs Bugatti Veyron – Croatia Coast Road Duel!

As it turns out, the all-electric supercar seems to outperform the petrol monster on most roads – but there promises to be some follow up videos in a series of comparison drives under various conditions.

“Lord Earl of Pembroke (Wilton Classic & Supercar) is a genuine car guy and great guy overall. After having lots of fun with his Veyron, he was interested in the future – so he came to Croatia to experience it.

He also brought his Veyron to compare it head to head. He had the opportunity to try the Concept_One on a racetrack, airfield and the amazing Croatian coast roads. This is the first of a series of videos about his experience.”

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Now this is actual racing that I don’t mind seeing.

Well racing may be used a little loosely here

I’ll take mine in black.

Good Video. As an old gas head I love both cars. I looked up the engine specs on the Veyron and it’s a V16, 8 L, 1200 HP. The engine sounds would be music to my ears!!

….but alas electric is faster.

its W16, not V16

Fast enough I’m sure. Still think the Veyron would show its legs and leave the Rimac at speeds above 150mph or so. What does a Veyron do top speed, 220mph??

268mph (World’s fastest production car according to Guinness, though I’m not sure if that’s quite valid if any changes were made to the speed limiter).

In Super Sport guise, the Veyron’s top speed is considerably higher than that! It’s the Concept One that maxes out at 220 mph.
The fact that the Concept One does those speeds so effortlessly though, is what’s amazing!

Last of the pure gas duels: Bugatti Chiron vs Koenigsegg One:1! Two miles flat out!

Yes indeed !

I thought they might have been blasting along, and it would have been interesting to compare the two. Unfortunately, however, the two cars were used as supercars always are – pottering along in traffic. Although there was one bit where the Concept One used its torque vectoring, and the Veyron used its 1000HP, to overtake a slower car on the road.

Those cars sure looked small when the drivers stepped out.

Yep just toys for old boys…yawn