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Rimac Concept_One

Recently, the Rimac Concept_One raced and beat the Ferrari LaFerrari in the quarter mile. It was only a matter of time before the Rimac would get put up against the Porsche 918 Spyder. And the time came …

The Rimac team from Croatia attempted to pull off the race against the infamous acid green Porsche, owned by Alejandro Salomon, during a visit to Monterey Car Week, in California. Plans didn’t come to fruition. However, a race at Milan Dragway, near Detroit, was scheduled. To make the situation even better, the race was filmed for a three-part episode of Bangin’ Gears.

The series will feature Mate Rimac, the company’s founder, showing off the 1088 horsepower Concept_One’s abilities. The two cars raced several times, and while all the races were close, and the Porsche actually came out ahead in one, the Rimac had the best time … a whopping 9.9 second quarter mile for the win.

For the racing gurus out there, you can wait a few weeks to see the series in its entirety, or through this link to the paid version of the video here. For a few bucks, you can see it all.

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One motor for each wheel gives great acceleration and handling.

I like to watch these two cars go head-to-head in a race on a track that involves turning the steering wheel as opposed to yet another drag race.

I agree.

The only question that the Concept One has to answer is about how it performs in a racetrack. Hopefully we will see it before they develop the Concept S

Considering the Concept_One has torque vectoring for each wheel it will take any curve easily.

The additional weight of a large battery pack works against The Concept One easily taking any curve. Also, will it overheat and go into reduced power mode like the Model S when going back and forth from full acceleration to full braking as it makes its way around the curves of a race track. There’s a reason why you see hundreds, nay thousands, of Tesla drag race video and nary a one of a Tesla on a race track.

What information do you have that we all don’t that lets you know this?

Can you share with us what type of proprietary BMS they have built for the Concept One?

Know what? And who said I “know” this, whatever “this” is? That’s why I said I’d like to see the 918 and Concept One go head-to-head on a racetrack that’s not a drag strip. I asked a question when I wrote “Also, will it overheat and go into reduced power mode. . .” But I see now that I neglected to put a question mark at the end of that sentence, and you might have misread my comment as saying “it will,” not “will it.” AFAIK, in the Model S it is the rotor in its AC induction motor that is difficult to cool and overheats when being flogged on a racetrack. Elon had this to say on the subject: “If you have a properly designed AC induction motor, getting a high power-to-weight ratio, a great response rate, low latency, extremely low ripple current…kind of comes naturally to an AC induction motor.” “The bigger challenge is cooling it effectively, particularly cooling the rotor, because you’ve got this rotor going at 18,000 rpm. In the Model S, we coaxially cool the rotor in order to have high steady state. Also for an electric motor, it’s easy to get peak power for… Read more »

Sven do you realize we are talking about rimac and not tesla? Rimac has 4 motors opposed to tesla’s two so to cool it, is obviously easier. Effieciency is not their main goal so they can afford to let more air in for cooling and those are just 2 things. There are certainly other possibilities which tesla did not use for cost and efficiency reasons.

To prevent battery overheating they could use cells optimized for high power instead of high energy, bigger radiator, bigger grille, higher coolant flow, strong heat pump, etc.

It’s really not that difficult if the design goal is performance on track. It just hasn’t been the design goal for Tesla.

I understand the problem with Tesla’s BMS. I was talking only about the Rimac.

Thanks for clarifying that you were asking a question rather than making a statement. I thought you were automatically assuming the Rimac would have the same problems with their management system that Tesla has.

Yes, Philip. We see another drag vid, and proof lies with the “Rimacs”, that they arent Teslas. Air intakes and 4 motors might help, but battery heat is such an issue they swap cars in Formula E. Those cars are low inertia-light, and low powered, yet the problem is still there. Long way to go, in that environment.

I believe they swap cars because a battery pack to last full race would be too big and heavy. Do you have a source for your information? I have never heard that car swapping has anything to do with battery heat.

Correct, the reason they swap cars halfway is because the 28 kWh doesn’t have enough energy to last a whole race.
But FIA just signed a new 2-season deal with McLaren to supply 54 kWh batteries for Formula-E from the 2018/19 season, so they don’t have to swap cars halfway anymore.

Source: http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/126390
“No further details of the battery were confirmed, though the original tender required an increase from 28kWh to 54kWh to allow the cars to complete an entire race distance.”

Tesla wasn’t designed for racing.
And we don’t know much about the Rimac.
As for cooling an electric drive is much easier then cooling an ICE.

Tesla is the only EV maker which uses induction machines. Permanent magnet motors are superior from every perspective (torque, power, weight, efficiency and thermal performance). But China has monopol on the magnets, so that’s a big risk for a serious EV maker like Tesla.

“Permanent magnet motors are superior from every perspective (torque, power, weight, efficiency and thermal performance)”

…except price. Thats why tesla went with the cheapter motor, since the power was high enough.

I agree about the price but the big chunk makes it the battery and Tesla is an expensive piece of hardware.

Rimac Concept One is one amazing machine, soon all cars will bow to it, if it’s not already the case.

Here’s a tribute to it VS Spyder.