Rimac Concept_One Takes Down Honda NSX, Lamborghini In Grand Tour Season 2 – Video


You have plans this weekend? If they interfere with catching the first episode of the Grand Tour’s second season, in which the lads get their grubby mitts on a rare Rimac Concept_One, cancel them.

You can thank us later.

If you need some convincing, check out the clip above featuring the world’s first all-electric supercar taking on the Acura NSX and a Lamborghini of some sort (it’s a gasser, so nobody cares). This is from the part of the episode before they (unintentionally) drive the hand-crafted Croation car off a cliff, so you’ll have to tune in to see what leads up to that vehicular tragedy.


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Rimac_ Very Nice ! Quiet Too…Can’t hear it as it Blows Their Doors 0ff……

Undoubtedly, they’ll blame the Rimac, not the nut behind the wheel.

On pondering racing around a track and not short bursts in a straight line, the ICE will reign supreme for the time being.

Big challenges remain from heat buildup and endurance at speed for battery electric cars.

Formula E sets 2019 as the goal to when a car swap halfway through a 45 minute race isn’t necessary. Tesla GT race series tests reveal a terrible power cut down after lap or two due to heat buildup.

Racing has always improved the breed, and so it will be for electric cars. Cooler running batteries mean safer more reliable, long lasting cars for you and me.

Solid state batteries and/or better thermal management seem necessary for electric cars to overcome these barriers to racing and equalling the ICE for endurance at speed.

Until then, the world of true well rounded high performance will belong to cars possessing a gas engine.

The NIO Ep9’s Nurburgring performance sort of dispels that theory though. Sure it won’t be competing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans but in all other metrics of acceleration and track performance it’s the real deal.


Still overheated the battery and cut back power even on the record map. Most batteries don’t like 7 minute discharges.

No, they didn’t run at full power to keep the batteries from overheating. The fact that it could get a record time without going all out is a testament to the tech.

Certainly improvements could be made to the cooling to enable even greater performance…

The EP9 only uses passive cooling for the battery packs.

“Sure it won’t be competing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans but in all other metrics of acceleration and track performance it’s the real deal.”

Endurance racing is the “real deal” and the truest form of machine competition: speed, handling, and reliability. If you don’t have the latter, the two former don’t mean much (one trick wonders).

Your personal opinion is noted.

Was that supposed to be a rebuttal? OK…..

Car builders have been participating in endurance racing since, well, since vehicles have been around. Why would they continue to do this (at incredible expenses at the upper levels) if they didn’t think it was worth doing (aka “real” competition)?

It was simply a point of fact, nothing more.

No need to rebut personal opinion.

Tesla Model S, does NOT all electric cars make. I’ll wait for you to show instances of a Rimac overheating while going around a track, but I imagine they’ll likely NOT be forthcoming?

Stunning !

N0 Contest!

Can’t WAIT to see the Concept One and the Roadster 2.0 square off..

Can’t wait for the next Rimac in action. Concept One is already “slow” 🙂

That wouldn’t even be a race….the Roadster would obliterate it. Rimac is working on another vehicle that might be comparable though.

“Would obliterate it”, would be nice to see a side by side race video of this obliteration if and when it actually exists!

Tesla doesn’t like to follow any manufacturers consumer EV!

Interesting times ahead for Rimac!

The only way the Concept One would have a chance in a race against the Roadster is if Tesla can’t meet the specs of the base model they’ve announced.

The two vehicles are in completely different categories of performance.

Primitive ICE Noise & Air Polluter Clunker Technology Had 120yrs. to Improve with it’s Huffing & Puffing & still sound like a Bunch Of JUNK ! EV’s can’t throw a Rod Or Blow Pistons.. EV’s are at their infancy , Just getting started & can still have ICE cars for snacks. EV’s Are Clearly Superior & will Only Get Better….HA HA HA .The ICE Is Historectomy ! Get those Dirty Noisy Clunkers off the roads !


Wow that was not even a contest. Rimac and … who cares. These videos won’t be interesting until they bring the Roadster 2.0

Good to see them race an actual electric sports car against other sports cars.

Yea, Tesla S has been snacking on ICE Exotics for years now. Model “S” Has been chewing them up & spitting them out like Cherry Pits and it’s a Family Car. ha ha ha ha aha ha hice

I’ve actually watching this shower of garbage. Well that was an hour of sub-par Top Gear bad clone by hasbeens I won’t get back.
They had to go down the burning EV route didn’t they. An ICE would have been a fireball that would have left one crispy Hammond but no they had to end of an EV burns for 5 days and it “burny”.
They even brought back the most tedious part of TG – star in a car – and put *two* of them in it. Arrrrgh!

Need edit as too angry to spell. Meh.
PS Hammond you can’t drive. May, you should know better.

Best *name* on this site Mr ‘Clarkson Youwanker’!

That video has probably already sold a half dozen Rimacs to sheikhs in Dubai!

Rimac is going to have to double it’s output from the factory!

Fairly certain they’ve already sold all the Concept One’s they’re making.

Rimac produced only 9 or 8 units of concept one. And is not planning to produce more. I think it will be quite similar with concept 2

Funny how yesterday was Mr. Rimac asking on enthusiast EV builder forums, which voltage he should use for his first EV builds and today he is trashing top dinosaur racing brands with his top notch EV machine ???
Very well done!

I will take the Lamborghini Aventador S, so much better looking than the Rimac and that sound wow.
But in saying that I would get a Model S P100D as my daily.