Rimac Automobili Starts Production of Concept_One?

OCT 19 2013 BY MARK KANE 4

Rimac Automobili: Our production floors are quite busy these days..

Rimac Automobili: Our production floors are quite busy these days..

Rimac Automobili Concept_One

Rimac Automobili Concept_One

Unveiled way back at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, Rimac Automobili’s Concept_One is one of the fastest and most expensive electrics on the market.

The price tag is projected to be near $1 million. But after two years, we feared the Concept_One would never actually go into production.

Finally, on Friday, Rimac Automobili showed this production photo (above) and stated:

“Our production floors are quite busy these days…”

Does this actually mean that production has begun?  We assume this to now be the case.

In the background behind Concept_One we see an orange vehicle on the lift – first production vehicle?… or maybe Concept_Two?

Rimac Automobili Concept_One should have range like Tesla Model S with 85 battery pack

Rimac Automobili Concept_One should have range similar to Tesla Model S with 85 kWh battery pack

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I thought it was in production always. And that no one was buying them because the fools have failed to demonstrate it.
We haven’t seen quarter mile times, we haven’t seen it beat any other cars, only stupid donuts which is the wrong message to send in the million dollar class.
Nürburgring is another fairly obvious opportunity for them to get attention but all we get is stupid silence.
Top Gear is also a huge venue although that’s a bit of a russian roulette. Your car better work if you give it to Top Gear and even then they could burn you but I figure that even bad press on that scale is good press. Catching fire spontaneously and burning to the ground might be an exception. Killing Jeremy Clarkson might be worth the bad PR though 🙂
That car will always be remembered 🙂

Electric sportcars are a horrible concept. Sure electric powertrains are can make cars at least as fast as ICEs but the sort of people buying these things will probably miss the drama that comes with roaring V(8-12)’s. Better Leave the Sportcars to the ICE’s and reserve electric drivetrains for more utility oriented car concepts.

So the Tesla Model S would sell better if it took 11seconds to 100km/h?
It’s not the smartest statement I ever heard…