This Mountain Road Is Not Wide Enough For Tesla Model S – Video


Too close for comfort!

Too close for comfort!

Okay it made it through… but barely.

The video above brings relaxation with a bit of sudden worry.

The peaceful part is the all electric Tesla Model S driving silently through the stunning scenery.

The worrying part is where there are multiple close calls from oncoming vehicles passing. As you will see in the video, the cars (motorhomes too) are within inches of the side walls and are nearly scraping the passing cars.

What further worries us is if there is one little mistake, let’s just say it is a long ways down.

But that is not to discourage you, as we see rather well mannered and cooperative driving and communication with oncoming traffic throughout the video.

Would you be even slightly uncomfortable with your Model S on a road as narrow as this? Let us know your thoughts.

This one really had us worried!

This one really had us worried!

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WUSSY! Drive the Model S the full length of the Road to Hana in Hawaii then we’ll talk…

I’ve driven the Hana Highway maybe 10 times, probably half when it was nothing but pothole repairs and even narrower in spots than now. I’ve driven the Trollstigen twice, the last time uphill in my small 2000 Honda Insight hybrid about 5 years ago. My Insight much narrower than the Model S, and I felt squeezed a couple of times. The Trollstigen is potentially much more dangerous due to the drop-offs, the very tight hairpin turns, and the possibility of meeting campers and tour busses, neither of which are common on the Hana Highway. But the Trollstigen is much shorter than the Hana Highway, so there’s less risk of becoming weary and making a mistake. Both roads are awesome!

I drove the road to Hana…. the real issue is not the width, but idiot tourists going around corners on the wrong side of the road…. fast.

When I drove the road to Hana, the native Hawaiians who hate tourists liked to scare you by driving their big, dirty 4X4s with monster truck lift kits right at you!

Other than that, and my wife bordering on road sickness, it was OK. Nice waterfalls along the way. What was the biggest bummer was that once you crest the top – there’s nothing there!

We went down in the dark which was much easier yet harrowing also in a different way.
I would prefer a LEAF or iMiev any day on that road vs. a Tesla.

No the only small road in Norway. Notice all the heavy braking stripes at the narrow points.

Forgive my ignorance, but what’s a braking stripe?

Maybe the heading should read “The Model S is too wide for these Mountain Roads”

Reminds me of the time I drove my 4×4 Dodge Ram long bed over Independence pass (near Aspen)…. never again.

One aspect of the Model S is that it is really a large car in Europe. I’ve been in narrower cars there that were already pretty wide for some of the clearances available, especially in older towns and cities. Finding a parking spot also is surely harder. I had not thought about mountain roads but there also, same issue.

I think the model 3 will replace a lot of Model S sales if available in a version with equivalent trim. To many Europeans a high end model 3 will be much more appealing than a Model S.

Here’s a good argument when critics of Model S deride it for not having lane-keep-assist or laser range finders. Not reeeeally gonna help you on this road! 🙂

They call that Europe.

+1 Just one of so many ‘normal’ roads in Europe.