Right Hand Drive Tesla Model S Arrives In Hong Kong


“The first right hand drive Model S’s are coming to Hong Kong…”

States Tesla Motors.

With the release of the right hand drive Tesla Model S in the UK, we knew it wouldn’t be long before the Model S in RHD trim would arrive in Hong Kong.

Well, the long wait is now over for those Model S reservation holders in Hong Kong, some of whom placed deposits years ago.

UK, Hong Kong, Australia and Japan will all soon have the Tesla Model S on the road, which will surely please those reservation holders who’ve been waiting for what probably seems like a decade now.

Tesla Model S pricing info for Hong Kong shown below.

Model S Hong Kong

Model S Hong Kong

Tesla Model S In Hong Kong

Tesla Model S In Hong Kong

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6 Comments on "Right Hand Drive Tesla Model S Arrives In Hong Kong"

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Here we go.

It should fit in nicely with the Ferraris and Maseratis that I see while walking down the street.

Have they opened a service center there already? Where do they go to get the car fixed/serviced?

Elon himself flies in with a helicopter, jumps out out with a parachute with hammer and a toolbox. After 20 minutes you’re done and you get an autograph. That’s what I call customer service.

There have been Tesla Roadsters in Hong Kong for years. They had a small sales & service facility there since they started selling roadsters. Now they have just opened a larger service center and two Supercharger stations. During the launch event this week, local staff said that there will be more than 10 Supercharger stations in Hong Kong. This backs up Elon’s statement that dense cities will have Superchargers so that having a home charging station is not mandatory to have a good ownership experience.

Makes sense. Quite a bit of investment though, to set up so many super chargers.