Ride the Future Aims to Set 3 Guinness World Records for Electric Vehicles With Coast-to-Coast 3,000-Mile Trip This Summer


On July 4, the Ride the Future Tour (RTFT), a cross-country electric vehicle parade, will start its journey in Charleston, South Carolina.  On August 16, RTFT will complete its 3,000-mile tour by arriving at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

3 World Records?  Thought it Was 6?

3 World Records? Thought it Was 6?

The 3,000-mile electric parade will feature the Nissan LEAF, a Zero Motorcycle, several  A2B e-bikes and a Xenon scooter.

The Zenon scooter (top speed of 30 mph) will be driven by RTFT founder Susan Jones.

Jones and the rest of those who partake in the tour (supposedly a core group of 12 individuals) aim to set either 3 or 6 (it’s unclear what the target is due to conflicting info on the RTFT website) Guinness World Records.  The records to likely be shattered include longest journey by an electric car, longest journey by an electric scooter and longest journey on an electric motorcycle.

To complete the epic 3,000-mile tour, the team will drive only four hours a day.  It’ll take 44 charges to get there and the crew will make stops at several locations for overnight lodging.

If completed, at least 3 world records will go in the books, but it’s not about that, says Jones.  It’s about showing the world that zero-emission vehicles are capable of doing anything.

Source: Ride the Future

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seems a little silly now that Tesla is doing what it does. It’s like so what 4 hours a day…who cares

Remind me to never invite you to any parties.

I guess the record for fastest 3,000 mile EV travel will belong to Tesla.


Yeah, I think if I were going to attempt this, I’d definitely get a Tesla. I’ve thought about driving my Leaf from Dallas to Austin. There is enough charging infrastructure to do it. In fact, most stations are less than 40 miles apart. I could possibly make the journey in a Volt in all EV mode. But the kicker is my Leaf only has 3.3Kw charging. So I’d need to stop for 4-6 hours at each charging location to top off the battery. At least if I had the newer Leaf with the faster charger, I could cut that charging time in half.

One bike can do anything a Tesla S can, on one fifth the energy!

I think Terry Hershner will hold the record for longest electric motorcycle ride for some time. He just completed his third cross-country trip in a year; from Orlando, Florida to Blaine, Washington, then turned south and is headed for Baja, California!


Maybe the other Zero rider could do it with a bowl of fruit on their head. 🙂