Richard Hammond In Serious Crash, Electric Rimac Concept One Totalled – Video

JUN 10 2017 BY JAY COLE 48

Richard Hammond, former co-host of Top Gear has been taken to hospital in Switzerland after a serious crash in a rare Rimac Concept One electric supercar.

At the time, Hammond was taking part in Bergrennen Hemberg, a hillclimb event in St. Gallen, as part of the Amazon series – “The Grand Tour”

Jeremy Clarkson, was present at the event, and reports Richard is “mostly ok”:

Hammond was able to exit the car under his own power, and managed to avoid the subsequent fire, before being air-lifted to hospital.

As the the 1224 horsepower(1,180 ft.-lb of torque) Rimac Concept One, it has obviously been written off…leaving just 7 copies in existence today.

Here is the footage leading up to the accident:

The Grand Tour released this statement:

“Richard Hammond was involved in a serious crash after completing the Hemburg Hill Climb in Switzerland in a Rimac Concept One, an electric supercar built in Croatia, during filming for The Grand Tour Season 2 on Amazon Prime, but very fortunately suffered no serious injury.

Richard was conscious and talking, and climbed out of the car himself before the vehicle burst into flames. He was flown by Air Ambulance to hospital in St Hallen to be checked over revealing a fracture to his knee. Nobody else was in the car or involved in the accident, and we’d like to thank the paramedics on sight for their swift response. The cause of the crash is unknown and is being investigated.”

Remains of a Rimac Concept One (1 of only 8)

Rimac Concept_One at the 2017 New York Auto Show

Earlier review/test drive of the Rimac Concept One:

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Good that nothing happend to Richard.

Good that no innocent bystanders in those homes next to the road were hurt.

No kidding

Good thing nobody was hurt

A friend of you ?

Kinda totally misjudged that turn…. Well, more material for the show….

That maneuver had more Ham, than Christmas in Whoville.

Sure did. Richard is under the delusion he’s a racing driver. Secondly, EV’s with heavy batteries are pushing the limits of rubber/asphalt coefficient of friction. Getting far too easy to lose it. Time for production EV’s to be performance limited, for public safety… the stupid chase for ‘ludicrus’ is just that. Ludicrous.

What’s the PRACTICAL application of such power? NONE that I can see, apart from becoming a Darwin Award candidate.

Time for race drivers to learn to drive powerful electric cars!

why are you acting as if there are no ICE cars that push performance limits too? There’s always cars that do that.

Likewise there are plenty of EVs that have economy performance.

You’re drawing correlations where none exist. The reason a lot of EVs are high spec is because it’s currently the most cost effective option.

Top Gear was mainly a humorous take on our car obsessions but as here it often went too far. As do the designers of the top ‘supercars’.
We humans are sometimes as intelligent as a sloth… and ‘belief’ is a strange failing in us.

“Died doing what he enjoyed”. For most, staying in careers too long can be a death sentence. For those whose passions point to careers with risk, it might come sooner but beats living a sloth’s life.

Will he admit he approached the narrow, off-camber corner A) Too fast; B) All wrong? Or will he claim it was the car – mechanical failure?

The second answer could/would hurt the small company a whole lot.

Yeah, I love this from the article-

“The cause of the crash is unknown and is being investigated.”

Ummm… there’s a video. Bad driving. That’s what happens when you get TV personalities to play race car drivers in super powerful cars on complicated courses.

Ran out of talent.

Or ran out of stability management.

He already adnmited all of the above… 😉

strange the electric car caught fire though..

Why? They do that a lot in big crashes like these. Battery packs rupture, sparks fly, flammable materials all around.

It depends on the type of battery… these super cars usually have the flamible type.

Every battery in every EV so far is flammable. And when they burn they release a lot of energy.

Every car that works will destructively release energy in accidents. Gas cars burn. Hydrogen cars explode. Evs burn. Pressure cars explode. It’s all bad. There isn’t a failsafe way to store energy dense fuels.

It is not true, or overgeneralization.
Hydrogen cars do NOT explode, they don’t have fuel-oxygen mixture in tank like gas cars.
LFP batteries are considered somewhat safer than cobalt based ones.
Diesel is much harder to ignite than gasoline.
Cars can catch fire and burst into flames and toxic fumes just because they are full of plastic, even without fuel, because of electric short or damaged tire or whatever. But violent burning does not necessary mean explosion.

Not true. There’s never been a Nissan Leaf fire. Also, the Chinese specifically prefer lithium phosphate batteries because they don’t catch fire.

Just because you haven’t seen a Leaf on fire doesn’t mean its pack won’t burn. And I assure you an LFP pack will burn too.

They don’t burn. Any more than a rock does.

If you’re curious, many videos exist on YouTube of LEAF cells under a blowtorch while connected to a multimeter. No fire, very like loss of voltage. Very impressive.

Isn’t coal a rock that burns? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You beat me to it!

Yes, a LEAF battery does not burn any more than Coal. 😀 Also no more than Igneous rock.


Nick said:

“They don’t burn. Any more than a rock does.”

Ah, so according to you, Nissan is using a magical kind of lithium in their battery packs, a kind which won’t burn fiercely if ignited in the presence of oxygen?


To quote from Nissan’s First Responder’s guide for the Leaf:

Fire attack should follow standard fire fighting practices… During overhaul operations (late stage fire suppression process to examine for remaining sources of heat), make sure the battery is fully cooled to avoid fire re-ignition. The battery could reignite if it is placed near fire.

Yeah, no more danger of fire there than a bunch of rocks. 🙄

You’ll be excited to hear that elements sometime behave differently when “compounded” with other atoms to form molecules. 😀

Chlorine is very reactive, Sodium Chloride is not terribly reactive.

A whole world of chemical fun awaits. /sarc

These cells have very little lithium.

But seriously, you can guess or take a look at the results of practial tests like this:

Thanks and good luck!

Dav8or continued his serial EV bashing campaign:

“They do that a lot in big crashes like these. Battery packs rupture, sparks fly, flammable materials all around.”

Well, it’s a good thing that gasmobiles never catch fire after a severe crash, isn’t it!

Oh, wait… that’s right, they do; car fires in gasmobiles happen about three times as often on average as they do in BEVs.

Supercars in sport competition events is one thing.

However, within a couple of years even low cost EVs will be able to accelerate much quicker than same-cost ICE cars, and so get drivers into a hot water they can’t get if they’re not trained to handle the power and don’t have a mature enough personality to avoid being tempted into stupid behavior.

This is the case with motorcycles, where there are numerous middleweight bikes that have a >3.5sec 0-60mph time under $7000… Esp. coupled with the fact that in some of the US, a 16-y.o. can buy any motorbike with no restrictions. There are a lot of cases of such customers getting into serious accidents on the way home from picking the bike up at the dealer.

I wonder whether this might not also happen with EVs, once they start getting cheaper and more common, giving them a bad name. Alternatively, whether the carmakers might introduce acceleration limiters, like the speed limiters that already exist.

Typo — that should be “<3.5sec 0-60mph time", of course.

1) we’ve already seen plenty of Tesla crashes that seem to support this theory, young girl in city street that caught fire after hitting a tree, Tesla flying through the air onto Mercedes Benz in dealer lot, lots of examples which seem to be related to this insane (ludicrous) acceleration!
2) Leaf is laughed at as to slow, yet when you hammer the accelerator it has huge torque steer that can catch you off guard, it really is more like traditional cars, and so far no reports of battery fires AFAIK.
Insane performance was great for showing how EV can kick ICE butt, but maybe in general use it would be better to have high efficiency VS extreme performance?
I’m still looking forward to the Tesla Model 3, but more for the range and Tech than the crazy acceleration (I think my Leaf has more than enough acceleration in normal use, and more than enough for a bit of fun as well).

We can hope Tesla autopilot and similar might prevent these kinds of things once they’re advanced enough.

Hammond was racing in a speed event….. autonomous vehicles won’t change man and machine racing events

Silicon Valley is more likely to put drivers in a straight jacket, tell them “It’s unsafe, and you shouldn’t drive”. Others will balance such take-overs, with optional aids that can work with different skill levels. Safe, for the latter will just be the first default.

This is the second time he’s almost killed himself.

Here’s the first.

third time lucky?

Objection. That first time, a tire blew out. So it was not a case of “killed himself”.

He was knocked out cold in a Mozambique motorcycle wreck too.

The electric super cars are pretty heavy and I think he was used to the more light weight gassers.

“The revenge of the electric car” 😀

Because of the heavy battery it is important that evs have a stiff and strong roof structure…

I am not sure whether all manufacturers take care of this issue properly

Participating in a motorsports event is substantially more risky than simply operating a motor vehicle on open public roads. The crash, injury, and fire have as much or more to do with the activity as they do the particular vehicle. The risks and happenings in this story have more to do with the nature of the event and conditions than they do the type of drivetrain employed. I’m confident that, given the character presented in various media over the years, that Hammond wouldn’t disagree. This should be essentially a non-event for EV enthusiasts, and more of an event for motoring enthusiasts who follow the travails of a motoring journalist. Best wishes to Hammond for a speedy recovery, and best wishes to Rimac who are likely to have had a hand in the conditions which led to the accident.

Guy is an idiot taking that turn that fast.

Super stupid. “Professional” my ass

The crazy thing is that he’s already past the finish line of the race. He should be on the brakes, but I see no brake lights. It is almost like he didn’t know he was supposed to stop racing.